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Alpharetta Mosquito Control

Whether you’re having a barbecue, tending your garden, or watching the kids play outside, some form of mosquito control is absolutely essential. This is where Mr. Mister comes in. Our ClearZone™ Mosquito Yard Treatment is so effective that we can guarantee you’ll be mosquito free for 21 days, or we’ll come back and spray for free.

For additional convenience, we can install automated mosquito misting systems around your yard that release a fine mist on a set schedule. You’ll never have to worry about mosquitoes again, and we’ll make sure your system is never empty and always working.


ClearZone Mosquito Treatment Cost

$79-$99 depending on the size of your yard


The truth is, each property is unique and here at Mr. Mister, we always customize each barrier spray application in order to successfully treat your specific mosquito problem.

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Benefits Of Our Professional Mosquito Service

There are lot of Alpharetta mosquito control companies out there but only Mr. Mister offers:

Expert mosquito exterminators
Guaranteed mosquito relief
100% Satisfaction guarantee
Industry leading with 800+ 5 star reviews
Reliable service 7 days a week
Industry leading customer service
Licensed and insured professionals
Natural mosquito control options available
Monthly Payment Plans available
Automated mosquito spraying options
Insect and Bee safe mosquito control



Top Rated Mosquito Control Company

Mr. Mister’s outdoor mosquito extermination service enables families to enjoy spending time in their yard or backyard without worry. So you can rest assured your family is getting the most effective and convenient management of mosquitoes, all backed by the best guarantee in the industry.

Mr. Mister Mosquito Control of Alpharetta, GA

Mosquitoes are no stranger to outdoor fun. The Farmers Market is a community favorite from April to October which also happens to be mosquito season. So if you plan on venturing out for some farm-to-table shopping or a walk along the Big Creek Greenway, you don’t have time for mosquitoes. Of course, we can’t protect you from mosquitoes throughout the city, but we can guarantee that when you’re at home, you won’t be bothered.

Group Rate Mosquito Exterminator Services

We also offer community focused mosquito control services for neighborhood groups and neighborhood associations within the area. If your association or group approaches us as a group, we can offer discounts for individual residences and also complimentary treatment of common areas such as parks and children’s play areas. Contact us for more info.


Local Mosquito Control Services

Mr. Mister also forms partnerships with local schools, non-profit organizations and other community groups to ensure outdoor activities are mosquito-free. A proportion of the payments made by individual customers is paid into the program to help individual organizations achieve their community objectives.

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