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Eco Friendly Mosquito Control Atlanta

Organic mosquito control is one of the most common questions we have when it comes to safe and effective Mosquito pest control. Our organic mosquito treatment is made up of Essentria IC3 and BTI which are products that use active ingredients derived completely from natural sources. Both are naturally occurring bacteria that are toxic only to mosquito larvae.

This environmentally friendly solution provides lasting natural mosquito control in Atlanta without any negative environmental impact while also being safe for children, cats, dogs, and any other outdoor pet.

*Our organic service requires treatment every 14 days.


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Our Organic Mosquito Treatment
Acts Like A Mosquito Shield Around Your Home

Controlling mosquitoes around your home can challenging to say the least. That’s because there are so many places for mosquitoes to make themselves at home. Plus, they don’t care about property boundaries, meaning they can breed in a neighbors yard and bite you in your yard. But with our mosquito shield you can expect mosquitoes to be repelled no matter where they come from.

Why Use Mr. Mister As Your Organic Mosquito Control Company

All of our trained mosquito control technicians undergo hours of training to properly handle and apply all our products. Our Mr. Mister Mosquito Control Green Team is specialized team that undergoes additional training about green products, application methods, as well as continuing education. We also have over 600+ reviews with a 5 Star Rating that we are proud to have earned through dedication to customer service and quality products. For more information about natural protection options, please feel free to give us a call at any time.

Additional Eco Friendly Mosquito Control in Atlanta

We also offer a pollinator and bee-friendly treatment using a product called Mavrik. Mavrik, once dry, is non-toxic to bees while providing protection from mosquitoes for 14 days before needing another treatment. Contact us today to learn more or visit our bee friendly mosquito control service page.


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