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Mosquito Control Services Stone Mountain, GA

Mosquito control is an important factor for anybody in Stone Mountain involved in outdoor activities in their backyard or garden. Whether you are having a barbecue, a garden party or just kids playing, a mosquito misting system or some other form of mosquito control is absolutely essential.

With out it there is a serious risk to residents as mosquitoes can transmit infectious diseases such as Malaria, Zika virus, Dengue fever, Yellow fever, West Nile virus, Chikungunya, and more. This is where Mr. Mister comes in, our mosquito spraying services and mosquito misting systems will clear up your backyard or yard from all those pesky pests. Our mosquito control solutions provide the most effective and convenient Mosquito pest control management.

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Why Choose Us As Your Stone Mountain Mosquito Company

Our fully trained professionals will personally maintain your mosquito treatment and provide fast pest control service all season long. We are happy to help the community by providing a safe haven from biting insects.


Benefits of Our Outdoor Mosquito Control Service


Below you will find a few advantages of our Stone Mountain mosquito service

  • Industry leading mosquito exterminator experts
  • Effective and reliable service 7 days a week
  • Our team are licensed and insured professionals
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed mosquito abatement
  • Consistent 5 star reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Kudzu
  • Leading all other Stone Mountain mosquito control companies in customer service
  • Eco-friendly organic mosquito control – safe for children, cats, dogs, plants, and more
  • Mosquito Traps, Bee friendly, and Pollinator safe mosquito control options
  • Helps keep away flies, gnats, wasps, ticks, fleas, and spiders
  • Automated systems and on-demand mosquito treatment for yard options
  • 3-year warranty on our automated home mosquito control systems


We’re In The Stone Mountain, GA Community

Named for Stone Mountain, the largest exposed granite dome in North America, Stone Mountain, GA harbors plant and animal life found in no other place in the world. It is also the site of a famous giant carving commemorating the military leaders of the Confederacy as well as a state park and museum, including a steam railroad.

The Best Mosquito Treatment For Schools, Parks, And More

Mr Mister offers a level of control that residents not only need badly, but that will also enable them to enjoy spending time outdoors in their yard without worrying about bites or about their children getting any of the diseases that mosquitoes tend to carry. We also offer a community mosquito control service for neighborhood groups and neighborhood associations within the Atlanta area. If your association or group approaches us as a group, we can offer discounts for individual residences and also complimentary treatment of common areas such as parks and children’s play areas.

Fundraising Programs

Mr. Mister also forms partnerships with local schools, non-profit organizations and other local community groups to ensure that your outdoor activities are mosquito-free. A proportion of the payments made by individual customers is paid into the program to help individual organizations achieve their community objectives.

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