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Mosquito Treatment Cost

We know that cost is a significant factor in the decision to partner with a mosquito control company. That’s why we offer some of the best rates in the area along with our exceptional service. Mr. Mister provides two types of mosquito control; our ClearZone barrier treatment and our fully installed automated misting systems.

ClearZone Treatment Cost

$79-$99 depending on the size of your yard

The truth is, each property is unique and here at Mr. Mister, we always customize each barrier spray application in order to successfully treat your specific mosquito problem.

With that being said, our mosquito treatment cost varies, and is typically determined based on a few factors, including the density of foliage, size of your property, and the amount of our 100% biodegradable spray that we will need to use for treatment. You can always contact us any time for a free quote, as we typically won’t even need to visit your property in order to come up with a mosquito treatment cost. Our professionally trained agents will be able to take your property address, look it up using our special computer software, and thoroughly assess your property size in order to give you a 100% accurate quote

If you are interested in commercial mosquito control or another type of non-residential situation, contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss pricing.


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Installed Automatic Mosquito Systems

Our installed automated systems on average cost about

$3,200 for installation plus a $1,500 annual fee

for maintenance and service, including refills.


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Discover the Benefits of ClearZone Treatments

If you and your family are constantly being plagued by mosquitoes whenever you’re outside your home during the warmer months of the year, then it’s imperative to act fast in order to control the population of these disease-carrying pests. This is what makes ClearZone such an incredible and appropriate service for every homeowner: it’s incredibly easy to order and you’ll have a mosquito service that effectively makes all of the outdoor spaces around your home or property mosquito-free.

When you choose ClearZone as your means for effective mosquito control, your yard becomes free of dangerous mosquitoes for three whole weeks. This is achieved through the use of the patented Mr. Mister mosquito control spray, which meticulously stick to foliage and other surfaces outside your home- creating an impenetrable barrier between the mosquitoes in your area and the perimeter of your yard.

To top it all, the spray itself is 100% biodegradable, which means it will never create any lingering residues. This makes it significantly safer for homeowners with pets and children than store-bought mosquito repellents, which contain DEET (a substance known to stay on your skin for long periods of time).

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