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Top Rated Mosquito Control In Gainesville, GA

Mr. Mister is your partner in the fight against mosquitoes. We live and work locally, so we know what it’s like to battle mosquitoes in the Atlanta Metro Area and beyond. It can seem like an unwinnable fight, but we’re here to tell you that with us in your corner you will start living mosquito-free.

Why Choose Us As Your Mosquito Company

Mr. Mister offers the most effective mosquito control solution for homes, businesses, schools, parks, and more. We use a three-pronged approach that can eliminate mosquitoes from your yard guaranteed. We don’t just reduce your mosquito population, we eliminate it. We’re active as long as mosquitoes are, in other words, all the time.

Backyard Mosquito Control Gainesville GA

Our mosquito barrier is like putting an anti-mosquito force field around your home, and it is guaranteed effective. We treat your yard every 21 days, but if you notice any mosquitoes in your yard between treatments, we’ll come back and spray for free. Our EPA-approved spray solution is safe for people and pets, and doesn’t leave any oily residue. If you’re ready to go mosquito-free this year, contact us for a free quote. You’ll be amazed at just how easy it is to banish mosquitoes and get your yard back all season long.

Mosquito Treatment Service Overview

Our treatment is harsh on mosquitoes but gentle on the environment. We also keep your family safe from harmful chemicals other service providers use in mosquito control by using our EPA-approved, 100% biodegradable solution that is completely safe for adults, children, and pets. We take your safety seriously, and our main goal is to keep you and your loved ones protected.

  • Organic mosquito services available.
  • Industry leading customer service
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Effective and reliable service 7 days a week
  • Licensed and insured professionals
  • Safe for people, pets, and plants
  • Consistent 5 star reviews on Google, Yelp, & Facebook
  • Peace of mind backed by Guaranteed Results


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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for our most frequently asked questions and answers.

How to Control Mosquito Breeding

Mosquito control is a three-step process. First, you need to go after the source of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so eliminating standing water is crucial. Second, Mr. Mister applies larvicide to an area that could hold water, eliminating mosquito larvae. Third, we apply a barrier spray that kills adult mosquitoes and keeps them from coming back.

Are mosquito services safe?

Mosquito services are safe when they are performed by trained professionals. However, we don’t recommend doing it yourself. Many of the commercially available mosquito control solutions are toxic and can be dangerous if mishandled. The spray Mr. Mister uses is EPA-approved, 100% biodegradable, and safe for use around adults, children, and pets.

Mosquito Control Service Cost

We know that cost is a significant factor in the decision to partner with a mosquito control company. That’s why we offer some of the best rates in the area along with our exceptional service. Mr. Mister provides two types of mosquito control, a barrier spray treatment and installed automated misting systems. The spray treatments cost $79-$99 depending on the size of your yard. The installed systems average about $3,200 for installation plus a $1,500 annual fee for maintenance and service, including refills.

A Commitment To The Community

Gainesville has been an economic powerhouse nearly since its founding in the early 19th century. Its earliest growth was due in large part to a local gold rush. Once the trains came in, textiles became a major economic driver. After WWII, the city became a center of poultry farming, and today it is known as the poultry capital of the world. Nearly half of the residents participate in the industry, which generates over $1 billion a year. However, hard-working residents also know how to relax. With easy access to Lake Lanier, twenty-two parks, and over 460 acres of parkland, the city is a great place to play outdoors.

Mr. Mister is proud to provide excellent mosquito control and have earned the trust of businesses, homes, schools, and parks. Contact us for your free quote today!

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