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Biting Insects Can Take A Hike!

Today’s news is ever prevalent with reports about mosquitoes spreading dangerous and deadly diseases. This tiny and troublesome insect has been responsible for large numbers of deaths over the years across the world. That said it is important to take the necessary precautions as a way to prevent the diseases that are so commonly associated with the bite of a mosquito. Here are some simple and innovative ways of telling backyard mosquitoes to take a hike.

Reducing Shaded Areas

For example, one easy strategy that can greatly reduce the population of mosquitoes in a backyard is to simply prune hedges and to frequently mow the yard, thereby reducing shade. Shade in the backyard actually provides shelter for mosquitoes and can promote increased populations. Reducing shaded areas can help to prevent this sometimes very dangerous insect from taking up residence in a typical family backyard. Routinely trim hedges, bushes and shrubs at least a few times a month to keep shade at a minimum. Mowing the lawn frequently also reduces areas of micro-shade where mosquitoes could congregate.

Interfere With The Reproduction Cycle

Equally important is to consider treating pools of standing water when possible. Simply introducing a small amount of mosquito larvicide into standing water areas can greatly interfere with the reproduction cycle of mosquitoes. There are other unique and innovative products available on the market today that are all intended to produce similar results when it comes to treating standing water in a backyard environment. As a note, there is a common myth that garlic either rubbed or sprayed on the body can prevent insect bites. This is largely unfounded and that is why it is usually better to purchase a proven insect repellent.

Continually Eat Mosquito Larvae

Another great way of dealing with insect populations is to stock small water ponds or gardens with fish. Goldfish and minnows as well as other types of similar small fish do an excellent job of eating away at mosquito populations. These fish continually eat mosquito larvae and interrupt the reproduction cycle. Equally effective in controlling biting insects is to add chlorine to standing water. This is especially true with regard to swimming pools. By adding chlorine to a swimming pool and keeping it covered when it is not being used, mosquitoes can be more positively controlled.

Experts Will Produce Remarkable Results

Birdbaths, wading pools and all other areas of standing water should all be considered potential mosquito breeding grounds. These ideas will all assist homeowners in preventing unwanted bites. Finally, working with a team of professional mosquito control experts will produce remarkable results when it comes to eliminating and reducing mosquitoes around the home. One company that has consistently proven to provide outstanding service in the mosquito control business is Mr. Mister Mosquito Control. With years of experience, the company delivers affordable quality in terms of the very best in mosquito control techniques, products and services. Contact Mr. Mister Mosquito Control today to learn more.

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