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Co-founder, Matt Brill, on Establishing Mr. Mister

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Co-founder, Matt Brill (far right), shares the story behind establishing Mr. Mister Mosquito Control Atlanta.

Can you elaborate more on the founding?

I have had a mosquito system at my own home in Atlanta since we moved in over 7 years ago. The house has a pool and we went outside to swim. Our infant was devoured by mosquitoes. I looked for solutions and bought a system.

Fast forward several years, when Jason Smith, also co-founder, and I were on vacation with our wives in St. Maarten. We could not go outside at the villa we rented because the mosquitoes were relentless. I looked around the island and no one had a mosquito system installed. I talked the idea over with Jason and we started Mr. Mister in St. Maarten. A year later we wanted to bring it to Atlanta and joined up with Ryan Claterbaugh who had been in the industry for a decade.

Why did you want to start a business?

We have all wanted to own our own business and had been looking for quite some time. We all enjoyed the outdoors and hated when mosquitoes and other pests ruined the outdoors for our family and friends. In the end, a love of business and a love of the outdoors came together to make a company that focuses on our community and our customers and their ability to have a good time when enjoying outdoor activities.

Looking back, what do you hope to achieve today?

We want to give people the ability to use their yards without the threat of mosquitoes while having a great time doing it. We also believe in doing well by doing good; we are active in our communities and support several different non-profits.

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