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Creating A Mosquito-Free Zone For The Summer

When you order a total Atlanta mosquito control service from Mr. Mister you can goodbye mosquitoes – forever! We are known throughout metro Atlanta for our skill, expertise and efficiency. One you have Mr. Mister looking after your mosquito problem for you, you can look forward to using your yard every evening no matter how warm or humid the weather. Here is what is involved.

Mr. Mister Mosquito Survey

We will first visit your home or commercial premises and carry out a full mosquito survey. We will identify and check over all those places that mosquitoes like to lie low at night and during the heat of the day. Mosquitoes are most active early morning and dusk into late evening. They then tend to hide and rest until they a sense your perspiration or the carbon dioxide you breathe out.

We will also check out all those places where mosquito can breed. Believe me, most yards have many of these, from rain guttering that needs cleaned out to tin cans, flower pots, unused dog bowls and children’s toys. They will even breed in small pools of water in your grass or in holes in trees, brickwork or the joint of your walls with the ground. We won’t forget your cellars – mosquitoes can and do breed in damp cellars inside your home!

Once we have completed our survey we will make out a report and then get to work eradicating them. Atlanta mosquito control is a four-step process and the initial survey is the first.

The Clear Up

We will then set about clearing up all those places we have identified in our report – unless you prefer to do that yourself. It’s very important to make sure you tend to every one of them, because otherwise the mosquitoes will breed in your yard, and it will be very difficult to control them adequately. Even one small tin can half buried in the earth can breed hundreds of mosquitoes, if not thousands, in a short period of time. So attend to everything we have identified.

Even check your fish pond. If you have live fish then they will likely sort your problem there – fish love to eat mosquito larvae or ‘wrigglers.’ If you don’t have fish then check the pond carefully. Unused ponds tend to stagnate and contain various forms of plant life. That’s where you are likely to find mosquitoes.

ClearzoneTM Mosquito Spray System

We will then set about destroying existing insects. We will spray into and underneath the foliage around your yards and garden. We do this with a biodegradable insecticide that will clear away all the mosquitoes in your yard. We treat your guttering around your drains and downpipes, and will also treat any pools you have. As we have stated, if you have fish, they should be able to take care of the mosquito larvae themselves. If not, then we will do the job.

Your fish are safe and so are all your family and pets. Our treatment is a biodegradable natural substance and will disappear itself in a few days once it has done its work. Because it is biodegradable, we will pay repeat visits to renew the treatment when necessary. The Mr. Mister ClearxoneTM mosquito spray system will destroy all types of mosquito so you need not worry about new species found in Atlanta. They won’t be found in your yard!

Automatic Mosquito Misting System

The final part of our total Atlanta mosquito control service is an automatic mosquito misting system. Now that we know you have no live mosquitoes within the boundaries of your yard or your home, we can stop new ones getting in. We do this using a mist of insecticide that creates a barrier to fresh mosquitoes entering your property.

A series of pipes are laid that connect insecticide tanks with spray nozzles. A timer is set to activate the pumps at set intervals, and create a fine mist that covers the foliage around your property. Not only can the mosquitoes not get through the mist alive, but we get them when they land on the treated foliage. There is no way that mosquitoes can penetrate this barrier.

That is how Mr. Mister’s total mosquito protection systems work: investigate, clean up, eradicate and then protect against further invasion. Contact us for more information or to get a quote – simply click on Mr. Mister Contact Page to contact us or call us on (404) 998-5046

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