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Don’t Be a Mosquito Magnet

Mosquitoes are attracted to humans for one obvious reason: blood. Nothing is more nourishing to mosquito eggs than fresh blood. Besides the pain and endless itching that the mosquito bite gives you, it can also infect your body with the germs and viruses of different diseases.

The number of mosquito-transmitted diseases like Malaria, Dengue and the Zika Virus is increasing day by day which calls for a powerful mosquito control system. Just like charity begins at home; the first step of an effective mosquito control is your effort to avoid being a mosquito magnet.

Why humans are a mosquito magnet?

Mosquitoes dig fresh blood. Did it ever occur to you that they are attracted to humans due to a certain chemical present in our sweat? Yes, besides blood, our sweat works as a catalyst in tempting mosquitoes to bite us. Our bodies transmit heat, along with carbon dioxide while we breathe which help mosquitoes decide where to bite. While male mosquitoes feed on flower nectar, adult female mosquitoes need blood to generate eggs and breed. Animals are not exempted from being the victim of mosquito bite either.

How can you stop being a mosquito magnet?

No matter how fierce and sly mosquitoes are, there are a number of ways through which you can avoid being a mosquito magnet. These include:

– Apply a clinically proven and recommended mosquito repellent while you are out and about. Mosquitoes are most likely to attack in outdoors so make sure the exposed areas of your body are covered with a good mosquito repellent. DEET based repellents are commonly used but if you can afford an option that is lighter and organic then go for that. Organic mosquito repellents are less harmful to skin and hence are a safer option.

– Bath daily. Yes, this might come as a shock but people who don’t take a shower on daily the basis are on the radar of mosquito attack. Especially in summers when we are sweating a lot, multiple showers in a day are recommended.

– Wash your clothes, curtains and shades with Permethrin-based product once in a while. Permethrin has the properties to repel ticks and mosquitoes and for this reason it is a good option to prevent mosquitoes from biting you.

– Whether it’s a myth or reality, mosquitoes get attracted to color black. Avoid wearing black in evening or when you know that you will stay in outdoors for long. Most preferably, wear clothes that cover your maximum body. This might be tough in summers so in that case, you are left with the option of putting on a mosquito repellent.

– Cover your doors and windows with shades and screens. Doors and windows with screens on will stop mosquitoes and other flying bugs from entering your indoors even if they are opened for ventilation.

– Bed nets can also help in keeping mosquitoes away while you are sleeping.

– Most importantly, limit a mosquito-friendly habitat. Your yard, pool or lawn might become a favorite place for mosquitoes and other insects to live and breed so put an end to all those prospects. Spray your outdoors, lawn shrubs and gutters with an insecticide. Make sure to check the label of such commercial insecticides against a health or environmental damage. Also, keep your kids away from the sprayed area till it becomes safe.

– If you are on a lookout for a mosquito control system that actually works then give Mr. Mister a try. The Atlanta based mosquito control company offers an effective and safety proven solution that works automatically and guards your property against mosquitoes. The system is managed by a set of certified individuals and is 100% organic so you can be sure against any health and environmental repercussions.


Humans attract mosquitoes because they need blood to produce eggs. While male mosquitoes are likely to feed on the nectar gathered from flowers, females require blood when they are ready to breed. With their presence in houses, yards and outdoors, one is most likely to become a mosquito magnet. A number of tricks and ways can be used to prevent the mosquito attack out of which repellents, sprays, traps and insecticides are most commonly used. The ultimate way to avoid being a mosquito magnet is the implementation of Mr. Mister’s automatic mosquito control system which is organic, safe and guarantees 100% results.

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