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Mosquitoes in the Fall – Prepare for Winter

The worst part of the season begins in the fall. It’s the last few days of summer now, going into the fall in September. So what should you be doing in the fall to prepare for winter and the spring? Keep in mind that mosquitoes in Atlanta are active right through into the beginnings of winter.  It’s important that you maintain your mosquito control, including any automatic mosquito control systems you have in place. If you are not sure what you should be doing then pick up a phone and call us on

If you have been keeping up with our blog posts, you will understand the importance of a clean yard. Summer and early fall are times for barbecues and yard parties. Maybe the kids have been playing in the front and back yards. You might have been doing some gardening and not yet cleaned out after you. All of these are normal for families in summer and early fall. If you have a yard then why not use it! In fact, maybe you don’t use it – which could introduce another issue.

Mosquito Treatments Start Now!

So, what’s the point of all this? What has it got to do with mosquito protection? A great deal to be truthful! Your summer and fall yard activities can have great deal to do with how many mosquitoes are going to be biting you next year! We are not suggesting you forget about the rest of this year, because mosquitoes are active right up to winter – and even then you can find the odd insect buzzing around inside your home.

Yes INSIDE YOUR HOME!  If you have a basement or cellar that tends to get a bit damp now and again, then don’t be surprised to find that mosquitoes have been hiding is some dark corner. They can even breed in your cellar! If you have even the tiniest of pools of water down there then mosquitoes will love it.  If you have a sump that you don’t pump out as often as you should, then expect a horde of mosquitoes to be rampaging up out of there come early spring!

Mosquito Control: Preparation for Winter

So, reparation for winter! You are actually preparing for next spring, but you do the work now, not in winter or even later in the fall. Your purpose is to remove all those containers and fill in all the holes around the yard than can contain water. Check round the drains and guttering.  Mostly though, after spring, summer and early fall, there may be old food containers and tin cans lying around under the bushes that have been missed in your post-party cleanup.

It’s not hard to do – just get you and the family out in the yard and look everywhere you can for potential water containers. Kid’s toys, takeaway cartons, drinks cartons and bottles, and even empty beer bottles are all potential breeding places for mosquitoes. If you have a fountain or ornamental pond, then put a few fish in. They will take care of the mosquito nymphs or larvae once they hatch.  Don’t forget the pool if you have one. Once you pull that pool cover over you have no idea what is breeding there – so empty it or treat it with chlorine or insecticide. But make sure you clean it all out come spring!

Mosquitoes Can Breed Anywhere There is Standing Water

It doesn’t take a great of thought to be honest. Keep in mind that mosquitoes can breed in any standing water – whether in a swimming pool, a fountain, a bird bath, a tin can, a hole in a tree, around your drains or even at the bottom of a wall between the wall and a paving stone. Even, believe it or not, between paving stones. It’s a war, because if you miss even one, that can be the one that gets you or gets your child. NO – that is not scaremongering.  Children are very susceptible to mosquito bites. They don’t take them well because their immune system may not have developed enough.

So, having removed all the cans, bottles and toys, what do you do with the ponds, fountains and the spaces at the bottom of your walls, between bricks (yes, they can breed there) or holes in trees? Call Mr. Mister. We can look after the rest and make sure that what you have already done has been thorough.  We are not suggesting you cannot get most of it done yourself but given the potential problems then it’s best to call in the experts for the final clean-up.

Mr. Mister Mosquito Control Experts

Mr. Mister is the top expert. Think of the implications of being bitten when you are expecting a baby, or of your young children being bitten. In fact, these days it is not OK for anybody to be bitten by a mosquito.

Effective mosquito control is very important, given that Atlanta gets more mosquitoes than any other state in the USA. The stakes are higher now with Zika about. Even without the Zika virus, mosquitoes are passing so many diseases about that you cannot relax for minute – unless you have us helping you.

We are the experts, so sure, clear out your yard and basement as much as you can, but get us to check it all out and make sure you have missed nothing. That means nothing! Take no chances – call us on (404) 445-2516 or use the Mr. Mister Contact Form.

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