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Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes In Pools

Mosquitoes and pools don’t mix well together. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, preferably standing water. If your pool has not been used for a while you may find mosquito larvae, or ‘wrigglers’ as they as often referred to, enjoying an early spring or summer swim. They will also love your pool covers – particularly if they have water accumulating on the top! Most people just leave the cover on and forget about it till it’s hot enough to use the pool.

Guess what! Early season mosquitoes will look on these areas of water on your pool cover as ideal places to lay eggs. You can hardly see them – they are tiny rafts of about 100+ eggs that hatch rapidly once the temperatures begin to rise. They will usually hatch before you decide it’s time for a swim in the pool.

Mosquitoes and Pools: Mosquito Control Tips For Your Pool

So what can you do about all this? Keep in mind that pools containing a disinfectant such as bleach will not be attractive to mosquitoes. Neither are those that have filtration units or artificial waves. Mozzies like still, calm water, particularly if it begins to stagnate. If you have closed your pool late spring or early fall, then mosquitoes are still about and you might cover it when it is filled with eggs! A disaster come summer!

Here is how to eliminate mosquitoes from pools. Mosquitoes and pools need not mix if you take the correct steps to a) Prevent them from laying eggs, and b) Destroy them if they have paid eggs. A good Atlanta mosquito control system will achieve either or both of these. Here are some mosquito control tip for your pool:

• Make sure that if you use a pool cover, it is secured tight to the pool structure. Mosquitoes can enter small gaps around the cover and tears or holes in it.
• Check the pool cover regularly, and fix any rips or tears you see. Make sure you remove any standing water, even rainwater, lying on the cover. A cover pump will do this for you.
• Run the filter for around 2-3 hours. Moving water can prevent eggs to hatch.
• Keep the pool and any top cover free from debris such as leaves. Mosquitoes will hatch beneath the leaves where it is dark and dank.
• If you no longer use your pool, and don’t intend to use it again, then dismantle it. It’s a magnet for mosquitoes in your yard and you will have lots of problems with it unless you cover it over completely as if you were using it.
• You can purchase insecticides for your pool to keep it free from insect life over winter. A larvicidal dunk will work, but you must renew it every month. Make sure that your children or pets cannot get to it. If you use these, make sure you empty the pool and refill it before using it.
• You can stock your pool with fish – particularly those species that kill mosquitoes such as gambusia (as the fish stockiest.) Most fish will eat the larvae, but if you can get a specialist fish then do so.

If you see wriggling creatures in your pool then these will likely be insect larvae (known s wrigglers). If you live in an area prone to mosquitoes, such as metro Atlanta, then they are likely to be mosquito larvae. The best course of action is to call in the experts – that means Mr. Mister. You can’t afford to allow even one larva to get to maturity because that mosquito will regard your yard as its home!

Call Mr. Mister for Issues With Mosquitoes and Pools

Call Mr. Mister, the Atlanta mosquito control experts. We will send out experts to your home or premises and they will first assess your problem. This enables them to come to the correct solution. Our engineers will suggest a solution and give you a price. Mr. Mister can handle any mosquito-based problem and provide you with a lasting solution.

Although we will always come out when called to deal with mosquito issues in early spring and summer, it is best if you contact us before you have a problem. Think of us in the same way you would the person who services your car. You get your car services to avoid serious problems later. You know what I am going to say now, don’t you!

Mr. Mister Atlanta Mosquito Control Contact Details

Look on Mr. Mister in the same way. We can service your yards, or your commercial or industrial premises, and take steps to reduce the chances of you having a mosquito problem later. Sure, we can remove mosquitoes and pools from your property or premises, but if you want to keep the pool then call us. If you live in a mosquito-prone area (i.e. all of metro Atlanta!) then call us whether you have a pool or not.

Mosquitoes and pools don’t mix, so don’t wait for that first bite because then it gets more difficult. Call us on (404) 947-7433 or click for our Atlanta Mosquito Control Contact Form.

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