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Mosquito Misconceptions

There are lots of misconceptions about mosquito control floating around the general public. As experts, we see them every day. We’re always happy to educate people and answer all their questions. But we thought it might be a good idea to share some of what we hear and set straight some of the most common myths.

1. Mosquito Protection is DIY

This is a very common misconception, probably because there is a kernel of truth in it. The fact is, there are lots of things you can do that will provide a small amount of relief from mosquitoes.

For instance, DEET and permethrin-based repellents do a good job of keeping mosquitoes from biting you. But they only last for a few hours at most, and they can leave you feeling slimy. DEET, especially, has an unpleasant smell and feel, and can even damage some fabrics. Plus, it won’t actually solve your mosquito problem. Your yard will still be teeming with mosquitoes no matter how much repellent you use.

Citronella candles are another popular DIY mosquito control product. But they have a very limited effect. They work by giving off an odor that is supposed to mask the scent signals that mosquitoes use to hone in on human targets. But even a slight breeze can make them almost useless. And if a mosquito gets close to you, the smell of your breath and skin are easy to detect, even with a burning candle a few feet away.

The only way to rid your yard of mosquitoes for good is to spray. Mr. Mister offers a misting treatment that lasts 21 days, after which we return to spray again. Or we can install an automated system that sprays at preset times, without any necessary return visits. That kind of spray application is the key to success and it is not something that you should attempt to do yourself.

2. It is Too Expensive

Is prevention a luxury? Sort of. It certainly feels luxurious to go out into a formerly mosquito-infested backyard and see no mosquitoes at all. And it feels luxurious to relax outdoors without so much as a buzz in your ear. But that doesn’t mean it has to feel luxurious when you see the price tag.

Mr. Mister believes that effective protection should be a luxury that is available to the masses. We have simple pricing based on the size of your yard, and our prices are very competitive. We serve all sorts of homeowners, renters, and even businesses, schools, and community groups. Our pricing is meant to make our services available to everyone. You can get your free quote here.

3. Spraying for Mosquitoes is Dangerous

This is another one that has a kernel of truth. Once upon a millennium, back in the mid-twentieth century, people used some pretty nasty chemicals to control mosquitoes. In the 1950s, farmers sprayed DDT on their crops to control mosquitoes and other pests. By 1972, DDT was banned for good reasons. It was harmful to humans and animals and led to the near-extinction of the American bald eagle. Images of gas-masked farmers fumigating their fields have certainly fed into the public perception of toxic mosquito spraying. But the truth is a little different.

The mosquito spray that Mr. Mister uses is safe for people and pets, biodegradable, and completely broken down in about three weeks. It is a fine mist that sticks to the underside of leaves and foliage, where it kills mosquitoes and not much else.

Still, improper use of mosquito sprays can be harmful, which is why we don’t recommend a DIY approach. Many of the sprays available to non-professional consumers have at least some level of toxicity, especially if they aren’t used correctly.

In conclusion, the Mr. Mister mosquito misting service is one of the safest ways to control mosquitoes—no nasty chemicals or repellents are necessary.

4. Your Regular Pest Control Company Can Do It

Another major misconception is that a general pest control company is enough. But mosquito control is more than most pest control companies will do. A typical pest control company visits your property two to four times a year to apply insecticide, inspect for infestations, and seal holes and cracks that could let in new pests. But that won’t beat mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes live outside, and they are tough to exterminate. A female mosquito can lay hundreds of eggs every few weeks. The mosquito life cycle is short, so new generations grow exponentially in very little time.

Controlling mosquitoes is about control, not extermination. You need to make your property inhospitable to mosquitoes. That takes one of two options.

First, you could partner with Mr. Mister to spray your property every three weeks during mosquito season. It’s a great way to stay mosquito-free with minimal intrusion into your life. You don’t even have to be home for us to spray. You may never see us, just like those pesky mosquitoes!

The second option is a little more invasive to start but requires less input once set up. An automated mosquito misting system from Mr. Mister will keep your property safe from mosquitoes without the need for return visits. Installation is similar to installing an in-ground sprinkler system. We’ll return only for routine service and to refill the mosquito spray tanks.

How an Automated Mosquito Misting System Works

  1. Once installed, our systems immediately begin creating a mosquito-free zone by spraying a fine mist through small nozzles precisely placed around the perimeter of your property.
  2. The mist quickly settles down on the landscape eliminating or repelling any undesirable insects and does not leave a residue on your decks, windows, doors, or siding.
  3. Every system is programmed to spray at dawn, dusk, and evening hours when mosquitoes and other annoying bugs are most active, and other more beneficial insects, such as the pollinating bees and butterflies, are not.
  4. We carefully design our systems to your home’s specific needs and provide you with an easy-to-use remote control for on-demand mosquito spraying.
  5. Every system comes with a lifetime warranty on your system and parts.

An automated mosquito misting system gives you the peace of mind and control you need to have a safe, pest-free environment for those you are responsible for protecting.

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