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Effectiveness in Wet Weather

Many people are concerned about the effectiveness of their mosquito misting system in wet weather. The mosquito misting system provided by Mr. Mister is an effective way to create a mosquito barrier around your property or your yard. As you will see, this works in any weather.

Two Misting Systems

Our ClearZone™ misting service involves the manual application of mosquito spray. The spray sticks to the underside of foliage in the yard or garden around your home and eliminates mosquitoes. But we don’t just treat foliage. At the beginning of the season, we treat areas where adult mosquitoes and their larvae lie dormant in cooler weather. Once it warms up, we treat the areas where they are active during the breeding and hatching season. These areas include around downspouts, drains, ponds, fountains, and any other areas containing standing water.

A Mr. Mister Mosquito Control™ automated system releases a fine mist of mosquito spray at preset times. The system is build to release the spray around your yard, and it prevents any possible mosquito infestation.

In both of the above systems, the active component is usually permethrin, although a natural mosquito control system can also be used on request. The permethrin lasts 21 days, while the natural alternative lasts 14 days.

Misting in Wet Weather

Mr. Mister Mosquito Misting System in Wet Weather

So how does our misting system fare in wet weather? Keep in mind that the permethrin-based mosquito control spray we use is biodegradable and environmentally safe. Our standard spray lasts around 21 days on average. During mosquito season, we return every 21 days to renew the ClearZone™ system. The automated misting system doesn’t require return visits. It continually renews the treatment at set intervals, usually early morning and early evening, when mosquitoes are most active.

For owners of the automated system, bad weather is irrelevant because the treatment is regularly refreshed. But if you only get sprayed every three weeks, what happens when it rains? First of all, can mosquitoes even fly in the rain? And what happens after the rain? What if the rain washes the foliage clean of the insecticide?

The answer to the first question is simple: rain does not affect mosquitoes to any significant extent. Scientists have gone to great lengths to show that mosquitoes can fly when it rains. They can also bite you if you happen to be outdoors in a downpour. And once it stops raining, there are more wet breeding areas, so wet weather is a boon to mosquito populations. Mosquitoes are generally more prevalent in moist, damp climates than in dry areas.

Spray Adheres to the Leaves

The answer to the second question—what if the insecticide washes off—is a little more reassuring. The mosquito spray we use at Mr. Mister adheres to the leaves we spray, and particularly to the underside. Our ClearZone™ mosquito misting system remains on the underside of the leaves even in rainy weather. The permethrin we use is not water-soluble, so it is not easily washed off. It is biodegradable, however, which is why it has to be renewed every three weeks.

Although the spray we use doesn’t wash off in wet weather, we don’t spray when it’s about to rain. A mosquito spray must be applied in dry conditions to give it a chance to stick to the leaves. After about 3 hours, the spray settles, and there is no danger from rain. The insecticide will stay put until it biodegrades. However, if there’s a chance that the mosquito barrier quality has been compromised by bad weather—for example, if it rained shortly after application—we will return under our ClearZone™ guarantee. We will reapply our spray to ensure that your yard is free of mosquitoes until your next scheduled treatment.

So have no fears about the effectiveness of the Mr. Mister mosquito misting system in wet weather. Our mosquito spray will retain its functionality even in the rain. But if our system fails at all between scheduled services—due to bad weather or any other reason—our guarantee covers you. We’ll come back for a free reapplication.

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