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Mosquito Myths Debunked

Needless to say, there are quite a few misconceptions out there when it comes to controlling mosquitoes.

Despite what you may have thought, the food items you consume won’t affect your chances of being bitten by a mosquito, and neither will stocking up on a plethora of citronella candles.

To help you separate fact from fiction, the Atlanta mosquito control experts at Mr. Mister are here to set the record straight. From what types of repellents actually get the job done to why these pests bite you in the first place, here’s 4 widespread myths about mosquitoes:

Myth #1: What You Eat Affects You Being Bit

People often claim that eating foods with high percentages of Vitamin B or garlic can help when it comes to lowering your chances of being bit by a mosquito. However, the experts say there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this claim.

In all actuality, how attracted a mosquito is to you (and your blood) can depend on a few different factors, such as how much carbon dioxide you exhale or how rapid your metabolism is.

Reality: Mosquitoes are drawn to certain biochemical factors, not the foods you eat.

Myth #2: Citronella Candles Will Protect Against Mosquitoes

According to the mosquito control experts, there is actually no scientific evidence to show that would indicate citronella candles actually work as a method for repelling mosquitoes.

As a matter of fact, if there is any mosquito repelling going on, it will typically be due to the smoke these candles produce, but once any level of wind starts to appear, you will easily lose whatever protection you may have had.

Reality: Citronella is often found to be a weak repellant.

Myth #3: Insect-Repelling Plants Work

Plants will not repel mosquitoes simply by growing or being planted in your yard. What they will do, though, is create more areas for mosquitoes to rest, since the pests are attracted to dark, cool, and moist areas.

While, it’s true, some plants contain essential oils that do, in fact, repel insects, you’re required to burn or crush them for any type of repelling to occur.

Reality: These plants actually just create more space for mosquitoes to rest.

Myth #4: Bug Zapper Are Effective at Controlling Mosquitoes

We’ll admit, bug zappers do kill some (very small percentage of) mosquitoes. However, the majority of what they catch are actually other, beneficial insects, such as beetles and moths.

During two controlled studies that were conducted by investigators at the University of Notre Dame, it was found that mosquitoes only made up 4.1% and 6.4% of the daily catch from mosquito zappers over an entire season.

In both studies, there was absolutely no difference in the number of mosquitoes that had been found in yards with or without bug zappers.

Reality: The majority of what bug zappers catch are other insects, not mosquitoes.

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