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How To Remove Mosquitoes From My Home?

This is often heard: “I have mosquitoes in my home. What can I do to get them out?” We even hear “Mosquitoes in my apartment – help!” It’s not unusual to have mosquitoes in your home. Come fall – like the fall that is just about on us – mosquitoes are seeking out a warm but moist place to overwinter. Think about that – then think about your home. What does it have to offer these mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes in Your Basement

Basements are one favorite place. If a mosquito gets into your home, it may find your basement. Many basements are damp – some have pumps to clear their basement of water, particularly if they are situated in damp places such as close to rivers and marshes. Some homes have a sump in the basement to collect water and this is meant to be pumped out regularly.

If not, mosquitoes will almost certainly breed in that sump if they find it. And find it they will if it is there. So the first action to take to keep mosquitoes out of your home is to check the basement and make sure it is dry. If you tend to get rising water, then make sure your sump has an automatic pump controlled by a level indicator.

Mosquitoes in the Kitchen

Then there is your kitchen. A favorite breeding place for mosquitoes is under your sink. To avoid this, you must keep the space beneath your sinks clear and free of damp. If you tend to get leaks or spillages from your sink into the space below it, then mosquitoes will breed there as well. They will also breed behind your sink if there have been water spillages down the back.

Even condensation running down your kitchen wall can form a small pool. Small, but enough to enable mosquitoes to lay eggs. They only need a teaspoonful. Mosquitoes can breed in the spaces between bricks or anywhere else in your home that can get damp and hold water. Under your bath, below the shower and anywhere else.

How to Make Your Home Mosquito-Proof

Now you are aware of the problem what can you do about it. You can try to remove them yourself, but Mr. Mister is your safest bet. We will visit your home and check it thoroughly for those places we know that can be breeding areas for mosquitoes. We will treat them all to ensure that no existing eggs, larvae or adults can survive. We will then give advice on how to make your home mosquito-proof.

Do not allow mosquitoes to breed in your home. It is not uncommon, but it can make your life a total misery. Check your home over or get us to do it for you. Make sure you have no mosquitoes then clean it all up. Remove the dampness from below your kitchen sink, below your bath or shower and in your cellar. Then treat it all to keep any strays out. That is best left to Mr. Mister. As premier mosquito experts, we are the best company for the job. Here’s to a mosquito-free fall and winter.

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