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How We Help Make Your Community Mosquito-Free

As a resident of the State of Georgia, you should know the threat mosquitoes pose to our health and the health of our loved ones and family members. 

This means it’s our duty as a community to put natural mosquito control at the forefront of our priority list.

Mr. Mister — Atlanta’s premier mosquito control experts — has been dedicated to not only controlling the existing mosquito population, in addition to the dangerous illnesses they carry (like Zika Virus and Chikungunya), but we’ve also taken it upon ourselves to give back to our community as a way to say thank you.

Local Community Programs

In addition to providing our faithful customers with the best in innovative and effective mosquito control techniques — including our automatic mosquito misting systems — Mr. Mister is proud to be partnered with some of our local charities, schools, and nonprofit organizations, including Autism Speaks, Morningside Elementary School and Camp Twin Lakes (to name a few).

With your help, we can donate a percentage of the contract value for each new customer we gain, providing unique fundraising opportunities for our most important local organizations.

Creating a Mosquito Free Zone Throughout The State of Georgia

Beyond our local charitable donation efforts, Mr. Mister is also dedicated to creating mosquito-free zones across the greater Metro area.

We service multiple schools, vets, pre-schools, and parks — ensuring the areas populated by our most precious (our youth and our pets) are given the highest protection regarding mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

Mosquito-Free Community

The Brook Run Dog Park (in Dunwoody, Georgia) is just one example, as this is where we’ve successfully implemented our natural mosquito control systems, creating an effective mosquito-free zone for adults, children, and pets to enjoy.

Supporting Mosquito Protection Efforts Around the Globe

While our priority is always keeping our customers safe and mosquito-free, we also support efforts from around the globe.

This includes incredible nonprofits like Malaria No More, which is an organization that distributes mosquito nets to third-world countries. 

By donating these nets, we’ve effectively saved young lives from the deadly disease known as Malaria, which is highly infectious and can cause death within hours or days. 

This is why it’s such an important cause to support, and being the mosquito control experts, we’re happy to provide hope to those less fortunate.

We hope you’re finding our mosquito blog helpful and informative! 

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Mosquitoes present a significant threat to our health in Georgia. 

Mr. Mister stands at the forefront, dedicated to controlling mosquito populations and the diseases they carry and actively contributing to the community. 

Through local partnerships, creating mosquito-free zones, and supporting global initiatives like Malaria No More, Mr. Mister exemplifies a commitment to safeguarding our communities and beyond from the dangers mosquitoes pose.

FAQsMosquito-Free Community

Why are mosquitoes a health threat in Georgia?

Mosquitoes in Georgia carry diseases like Zika Virus and Chikungunya, posing health risks to residents and their families.

How does Mr. Mister contribute to the community?

Mr. Mister partners with local charities, schools, and nonprofits, donating a percentage of contract value for each new customer gained.

What innovative techniques does Mr. Mister offer for mosquito control?

They provide automatic mosquito misting systems and other advanced control techniques for effective mosquito management.

Which local organizations does Mr. Mister support?

Autism Speaks, Morningside Elementary School, Camp Twin Lakes, and more are among the organizations Mr. Mister partners with.

What areas does Mr. Mister service for mosquito control?

They service schools, vets, pre-schools, parks, and specific zones like the Brook Run Dog Park in Dunwoody, Georgia.

How does Mr. Mister ensure pets and children are Remove featured imageprotected from mosquitoes?

They implement natural mosquito control systems in areas frequented by pets and children, ensuring their safety.

Why is supporting global initiatives like Malaria No More critical?

These initiatives, such as distributing mosquito nets, save lives in third-world countries by preventing diseases like Malaria.

What makes Mr. Mister stand out as Atlanta’s premier mosquito control provider?

Their commitment to community involvement, innovative techniques, and dedication to global initiatives distinguishes them.

How can I learn more about Mr. Mister’s mosquito control solutions?

Visit their website for comprehensive information on their services and innovative solutions.

Where can I find customer testimonials for Mr. Mister?

Check out their Testimonials page to read about the experiences of satisfied customers with their mosquito control services.

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