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Preventing Heartworm For Pets With Proper Mosquito Control

Heartworm disease can be a potentially fatal disease that is found in pets all across the United States.

Heartworms live in the heart, lungs and connected blood vessels, and can lead to heart and organ failure, as well as lung disease. Known as the most damaging parasite found in canines, heartworms are almost 100% preventable with the proper medication and mosquito control.

Mr. Mister is here to assist Atlanta residents in the prevention of heartworm with our safe, professional, and effective mosquito control solutions.

How are Heartworms and Mosquitoes Connected?

Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes and your family cat or dog is a natural host for this parasite.

The mosquito plays a key role in the cycle of a heartworm. An infected animal carries female heartworms that produce microscopic baby worms, which circulate throughout the animal’s bloodstream.

When a mosquito bites an infected animal, it picks up these baby worms as part of its blood meal, and when the mosquito then bites another animal, the larvae are then deposited onto the animal’s skin and enter their body through the actual mosquito bite.

Once the larvae has entered a new host, it takes around 6 months to develop into mature heartworms, which have the ability to live in a dog for up to 7 years (up to 3 years in a cat).

Once a pet has become infected, each mosquito season brings about an enhanced risk of a larger parasite infection.

Heartworm Prevention Tips

Heartworms have been found all across the US, however the parasite is extremely common in both the Atlanta, Georgia area, mainly because of the warm, humid weather conditions.

With this staggering fact in mind, it is important to implement for homeowners to implement proper heartworm prevention steps.

Heartworm infection is almost always preventable with proper mosquito control and medications. Though, it is important to discuss heartworm medication with your veterinarian.

Mosquito control for your property is another key step in heartworm prevention. By controlling mosquitoes and their breeding sites, your family dog or cat can play outside, no matter the time of day, with a decreased risk of mosquito bites and this dangerous parasite.

If you would like more information on effective mosquito control, please contact Mr. Mister. Our company proudly serves Atlanta residents and businesses with innovative techniques for mosquito control, including our ClearZone mosquito misting treatments and our automatic mosquito misting systems.

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