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Our Testimonials and Reviews

The following testimonials have been volunteered by our satisfied clients. Mr. Mister offers a comprehensive and effective solution for anybody who has a mosquito problem in the Northern Georgia area. If we helped you to control mosquitoes in your yard or premises, then please leave your testimonial here.

Testimonials: Mr Mister Mosquito Control

I’m not going to lie – I was a little skeptical about the effectiveness of spraying for mosquitoes, but WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Thank you so so much for your services and for letting us enjoy this summer on our patio!

-Adina M.

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Before Mr. Mister Mosquito Control, I could not enjoy my backyard and I was always concerned about my dogs getting heartworms from the swarms of mosquitoes. It is so nice to have a mosquito free yard now! THANKS MR. MISTER MOSQUITO CONTROL!

-Michael Z.

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Such great service! I am able to email directly with my tech to ask them to avoid certain areas, (our veg garden) and they immediately get back to me. I do not get such personal service with any other service techs that we use…my kids aren’t bitten up and even with all of this rain I don’t hear that annoying blood thirsty buzz!

-Karen L. 

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We love everything about Mr. Mosquito! We immediately reaped the benefits of the treatment…we now enjoy our deck and backyard on a daily basis! It’s pet friendly, which was an important factor for us. The service works, it’s affordable, and the people are courteous, friendly, and thoughtful. I highly recommend Mr. Mosquito!

-Gypsy S.

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We had used other services in the past, but this year switched to Mr. Mister. The service was great, and we had fewer mosquitoes than ever before. They did such a good job, most of our neighbors switched providers also, and for the first time ever we practically had a mosquito free summer.

-Dan G. 

Mr. Mister has been an absolute godsend for Oxford Chase. After years of relentless mosquito bites, cans of bug spray and the kids swearing off the backyards and the cul-de-sacs during the summer, we banded together as a community to hire a mosquito control company. After mulling over several bids, Oxford Chase chose Mr. Mister because of their reputation, environmental and pet-friendly spray and their competitive pricing. It’s safe to say, we made the right choice. Like clockwork, they come out every 3 weeks to spray, and the resulting freedom from the mosquito swarms has been a breath of fresh air. My girls were outside a ton this summer – biking, jumping on the trampoline and playing in our fort – and didn’t get bit once out there. Pretty amazing, considering all the rain we had. In fact, the only bites they got were at my parent’s house in another neighborhood. Guess who’s now promised to sign up with Mr. Mister next year. Anyway, all the Mr. Mister customers in Oxford Chase that I’ve talked to have nothing but positive things to say about them. No customer service issues. No guy trampling someone’s flowers. Nothing with billing. Nada. Overall, I give Mr. Mister two big thumbs up. Two bite-free thumbs, that is.


Brandon Friedman
Oxford Chase HOA