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Mr. Mister is proud to offer an environmentally-safe tool to combat Aedes mosquitoes.

Introducing the In2Care® Mosquito Trap, the latest in environmentally safe mosquito control. While advances in traditional mosquito control have dramatically reduced impact on non-target pests and pollinators, no treatments have been able to guarantee their safety. The In2Care® Mosquito Trap has literally changed the game. As the first trap to use a biological control agent to kill mosquitoes, In2Care® deploys an US-EPA-approved fungus that kills the mosquito several days after infection, even preventing disease transmission. All this with absolutely zero impact on the surrounding environment.

At Mr. Mister, we are committed to eliminating any and all mosquitoes, while minimizing negative impact to the surrounding environment. It’s for this reason that we’ve added the In2Care® Mosquito trap to our array of treatment options.

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