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Tips & Tricks For More Outdoor Fun

Ever been attacked by mosquitoes? Of course you have! Spring and summer are the perfect times for a backyard barbecue party, as well as the favorite time of mosquitoes to breed. You can dab up your body with mosquito repellent, set traps, and spray until you choke, but that won’t solve your mosquito problem permanently. Instead, you should focus on a lasting solution to keep mosquitoes away so that you can make the best use out of the outdoors.  Keep reading for some tips on outdoor mosquito repellent.

Effective Tips and Tricks To Repel Mosquitoes

Instead of just killing the mosquitoes who buzz around you, it’s important to curtail the habitat they dwell in and limit their options of breeding. Following are some of the ways that can come handy:

If you have a pool or fountain in your yard, make sure to refresh its water every now and then. Mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water and the best way to control their population in your yard is to limit their breeding. Also, look out for water holes in your outdoors and fill them up before mosquitoes get the chance of laying eggs and feeding their larvae.

Use a safe and clinically proven mosquito repellent. DEET based repellents are most commonly used but you should go for lighter options that get the job done without doing much harm to your skin. These repellents usually work for some hours and need to be reapplied once their effect begins to fade.

Today, a number of special lights are available in the market and they can help in repelling mosquitoes. Install them in your outdoors and minimize the risk of the presence of mosquitoes during dusk and evening.

A list of gadgets can also come in handy to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard. Devices such as the electric rackets and Flow Tron Outdoor Insect Killer are some of the useful options that can limit mosquitoes from buzzing around and biting you while you set out for some outdoor family time.

Pest and mosquito sprays are also a quick way of killing mosquitoes in your outdoors but their use should be limited. Make sure you and your children are not present or on the premises while you spray. This can only be done when you are not planning on staying outdoors for long.

The need for controlling mosquitoes in your house and outdoors is so important for two reasons; first, mosquitoes are really annoying and “bug” you, and second, they are the reason for spreading fatal diseases. Malaria, Dengue, the Zika Virus and the West Nile Virus are some of the diseases, among many, that are transmitted by mosquitoes.


Mosquitoes are one of those common outdoor insects that can cause multiple diseases, in addition to great amount of annoyance. There are a number of tips and ways through which you can get rid of them but most of them only provide you with a temporary solution. Mr. Mister’s unique automatic mosquito control system works like an innovative mosquito repellent and makes your outdoors insect-free. 100% organic, the system offers a permanent and safe solution against mosquitoes and other insects. Due to its nature, Mr. Mister is the most effective and reliable option of outdoor mosquito control that you can go for without compromising your time, money and most importantly, your health.

Mr. Mister, an Atlanta-based mosquito control company, offers automatic mosquito control systems for outdoors that is guaranteed to free your outdoors from mosquitoes and other bugs. Managed by people who are licensed and insured, the system assures 100% results. Mr. Mister’s mosquito control system is enabled through a network of small nozzles that spray a fine mist onto the marked property. Once sprayed, the system works in two ways: First, it kills all the mosquitoes and insects such as wasps, ticks, spiders and fleas that are already present in your property, and second, it maintains a protective shield of mist that guards your outdoors against new insects and mosquitoes that might enter. This way, your yards become completely safe and you can enjoy your outdoor family time without any trouble. The solution is completely organic so you don’t need to worry about your or your beloveds’ health. The solution is also harmless to nature-friendly insects such as the beetles and ladybirds so your love for nature doesn’t get compromised either.

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