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Why Georgia Is The Worst For Mosquitoes

Which city is the worst in the US for mosquitoes? 

Or, from the mosquitoes’ perspective, why are they so attractive to them? 

Why does Georgia need more mosquito control than any other in the USA? 

This is a relatively easy question to answer due to geography and climate. They don’t get so many mosquitoes in Scotland – midges by the millions, but not so many mosquitoes. Sometimes, none at all!

That’s because the Scottish climate is much colder. 

They have just as much water, in fact, more, but mosquitoes tend not to breed there. 

They generate because it is warm and there is plenty of water. Let’s have a look at the water supply.

Lakes and Other Water Sources

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, and mosquitoes spend their larval stage in water. 

Also, they tend to fly between 1 and 3 miles from where the hatch is. 

Therefore, consider your yard at risk if you live within 1-3 miles of a natural water source. 

That covers a considerable percentage of the area. 

Think of where your nearest river, creek, or lake is, and if that’s no more than 3 miles away, then you are liable to mosquito attack. 

Without adequate mosquito control, you will be eaten alive!

Georgia Is The Worst For Mosquitoes

Marshland and other standing water are most at risk, although mosquitoes will also breed in slow-moving water or small depressions around rivers. 

An example is the Chattahoochee River, which runs through Cobb, Fulton, and Gwinnett Counties. 

The Nancy Creek River and Big Creek supply mosquitoes to Buckhead and Alpharetta. 

Peachwater Creek supplies mosquitoes, while Sweetwater and Slope Creeks supply Austell and Marietta.

All of North Georgia is mosquito-prone

There is practically nowhere within 3 miles of a water source. 

The same is true of many areas of Scotland and Norway, but they have few mosquitoes and no mosquito control. 


The difference is climate. 

Along with the water, you must have heat. 

The average high and low July temperatures in Scotland are 63F and 49F while the corresponding temperatures are 89F and 71F – and that’s why we get all the mosquitoes, and Scotland receives none.

Heat and water equal mosquitoes anywhere in the world. 

Unfortunately, you cannot control either of these environmental conditions, so you must control mosquito access to your skin! 

There are several mosquito control systems you can use for that. 

You can spray yourself with insecticide – do you want to do that? 

Many insecticides are harmful to your kids and you, so what’s the alternative?

Mosquito Systems

Our prevention strategies are designed to do three things:

  • Remove any mosquitoes present.
  • Remove places where mosquitoes can breed.
  • Prevent new mosquitoes from entering your yard.

Each of these three is essential if you are confident of doing all you can to protect your family from potentially very dangerous mosquito bites. 

Only some untrained people can do this themselves. 

Sure, they may try, but they wonder why mosquitoes still appear.

Did you check the cracks at the bottom of your walls where they meet the ground? 

Mosquitoes can breed there. 

Did you check spaces in your brickwork on your home or any walls surrounding your yard? 

Mosquitoes can spawn there. 

How about around your drains or guttering? 

Mosquitoes can breed there. 

Mosquitoes can even breed in your cellar if it’s damp! You need the experts for this job.”

Mosquito Misting Systems

Even if you do remove mosquitoes from your yard and clear up everywhere they can breed, how do you stop new insects from getting into your yard? 

Mosquitoes will fly 3 miles to get to your yard. 

That’s why we mentioned all the areas above!

Call Mr. Mister, and we will set up a mosquito misting system. 

This is a series of automatic sprays, fed using a piping system, that will send out a fine mist or spray around the perimeter of your yard. 

This will stop mosquitoes from getting in. 

Once you have expelled them, they must stay expelled; a mosquito misting system does that!

Mosquito Basics

So, if you have a mosquito problem, then call Mr. Mister. 

We will clear out your yard of mosquitoes, remove, block, and treat anywhere they like to breed, and then, if you wish, we will set up an automatic mosquito misting system that will stop any more mosquitoes from entering your yard.

Georgia Is The Worst For Mosquitoes

The mosquito misting system will also remove any we have missed the first time – nobody is perfect, but Mr. Mister is more excellent than most!! Atlanta mosquito control and mosquito misting are our business and livelihood, so we are good at it!

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In understanding the prevalence of mosquitoes in certain regions, it’s evident that a combination of climate and proximity to water sources primarily dictates their presence. 

Like other warm and water-abundant regions, Georgia’s susceptibility to mosquito populations underscores the necessity for vigilant mosquito control measures. 

The correlation between heat, water, and mosquito activity is unmistakable, making professional intervention and preventive strategies crucial for safeguarding against these pests. 

Employing mosquito misting systems and targeted control methods becomes imperative in mitigating the risks associated with mosquito-borne diseases.


Which city is the worst in the US for mosquitoes?

The title for the worst city in the US for mosquitoes can vary, but regions with warm climates and ample water sources tend to have higher mosquito populations.

Why are mosquitoes so attracted to certain areas?

Mosquitoes are drawn to areas with warm temperatures and standing water, which facilitate breeding.

Why does Georgia need more mosquito control than other US states?

Georgia’s warm climate and abundant water sources create optimal conditions for mosquito breeding, necessitating heightened mosquito control efforts.

Why doesn’t Scotland have as many mosquitoes despite having water sources?

Scotland’s colder climate inhibits mosquito breeding despite having water sources, unlike warmer regions where mosquitoes thrive.

Do mosquitoes only breed in marshland and standing water?

While marshland and stagnant water are prime breeding grounds, mosquitoes can also breed in slow-moving water and small depressions around rivers.

How far do mosquitoes typically travel from their breeding grounds?

Mosquitoes generally fly within 1 to 3 miles from their breeding sites.

What can individuals do to protect themselves from mosquitoes?

Using insect repellents, wearing protective clothing, and eliminating standing water around homes are effective measures.

How effective are mosquito misting systems in controlling mosquito populations?

Mosquito misting systems create barriers that prevent mosquitoes from entering yards, aiding in the control of local populations.

Are insecticides harmful to humans and pets?

Some insecticides can be harmful, especially to children and pets, prompting the need for safer alternatives like misting systems.

Why is professional mosquito control recommended?

Professionals can effectively identify and eliminate mosquito breeding sites, offering comprehensive solutions to prevent mosquito infestations.

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