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10 Ways to Control Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Show those mosquitoes who’s boss.

Spring is almost here, and summer will be here before you know it. So before the weather starts to peak over 50º—that’s when mosquito season starts—let’s take a moment to review the best ways to control mosquitoes in your yard. After all, spring and summer are a time for lazy days and cool nights, delicious barbecues and relaxing in the sun. No one needs mosquitoes putting a damper on what would otherwise be a fun occasion. So here are 10 great ways you can show mosquitoes and other pests who’s the boss.

1. Eliminate Breeding Areas

Eliminate breeding areas by getting rid of standing water. Mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs. Take a walk around the yard after the rain to get a good idea of where these hot spots are located. Remember, mosquitoes can lay eggs in about as much water as fits in the top of a soda bottle. So make sure you really look for even the smallest puddles.

2. Dump It Out

We know that sometimes there is standing water you want to keep, like birdbaths and flower pots. Just make sure to dump anything that holds water twice per week. That will prevent any mosquito larvae from growing into adults. You can also treat birdbaths and other standing water with larvicide tablets. The larvicide contains bacteria that only attacks mosquito larvae, so it is safe for other animals.

3. Get a Fan

Mosquitoes aren’t very good flyers. In fact, they can fly in anything stronger than a light breeze. Putting a fan on your porch or patio will help keep bugs away. As a bonus, it will also keep you, your guests, and your pets cool!

4. Don’t Let Water Collect

If you have any buckets, bins, or trash cans, they can collect rainwater. Luckily, there is a simple fix. Just drill some holes in the bottom of any storage containers that are stored outdoors. The water will drain out. Just check them once or twice a week to make sure no water has pooled where it’s not draining. If you have to, you can always drill another hole.

5. Keep Your Gutters Clean

Gutters are one of the most commonly overlooked breeding grounds for mosquitoes. You can’t see them from the ground, so you rarely think of them. But gutters full of leaves and debris hold lots of water that is perfect for little mosquito eggs.

6. Mow the Lawn

Adult mosquitoes rest during the day, usually on tall weeds or other vegetation. Make your yard less hospitable to mosquitoes by mowing your lawn regularly, and keep weeds away from your home’s foundation.

7. Look for Leaks

Eliminate seepage from cisterns, cesspools, and septic tanks. If water is pooling in your yard somewhere, mosquito larvae aren’t far behind. Besides, any leakage from a cistern, cesspool, or septic tank is a sign of serious damage. The quicker you catch it, the less likely you are to face pricey repairs.

8. Don’t Overwater Your Lawn

Make sure to irrigate lawns and gardens carefully to prevent water from standing for several days. An established lawn only needs about 1 inch of water a week. Watering more is wasteful and can actually damage your lawn.

9. Report Stagnant Runoff

If ditches do not flow and contain stagnant water for one week or longer, they can produce large numbers of mosquitoes. Report such conditions to the Atlanta Public Health Office.

10. Call in the Pros

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