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Midsummer and Mosquitoes

Midsummer and Mosquitoes

Midsummer and mosquitoes in Atlanta are a natural -if unpleasant- partnership. Midsummer is time for tank tops, t-shirts, and of course, swimwear. That means more exposed skin looking like a dinner buffet for mosquitos!

And summer is time to be out in your yard enjoying the weather with your family on weekends and evenings, having the neighbors over for a barbecue or everybody in the water for a pool party. What you do NOT want is to spend your leisure time swatting mosquitoes and handing out the itch cream to treat bites. Midsummer and mosquitoes do not equal joy, yet in Atlanta, it seems like they are made for each other.

In fact, they are made for each other. Mosquitoes are made for hot, summer weather, and hot summers are made to attract the insects. Insects are great pollinators, even mosquitoes, and flowers love their attention. Their job is to attract and yours is to repel. You should win because you are more clever than a flower – so why not act like it?

Don’t Blame the Mosquitoes

While mosquitoes are flying around sucking up tasty blood, people are running around squealing and blaming the mosquitoes for their misery. But mosquitoes are simply doing what mosquitoes do – sucking blood to sustain themselves. However, it’s often the humans who are not doing what they should do. Using their brains! Instead, they just blame the mosquitoes.

But there is no need for it – any of it. All this running around, squealing and screaming, itching and scratching and swatting ineffectually… There is no need for it at all! 

Mr. Mister mosquito treatment and prevention is only one phone call away. We can solve your problem almost immediately. Midsummer and mosquitoes may be a natural occurrence – they go together like peaches and cream. But they don’t have to be the nuisance you’re worried about when you use your brain and take action. 

How Seasons Impact Mosquitoes

Midsummer in Atlanta means mosquitoes – everybody knows it! But what you may not realize is that a problem that seems to peak in the summer will actually last for several more months in Atlanta. 

Although many consider mosquitoes to be a summer pest, these insects tend to hang around until October in the warm, humid south. That’s because mosquitoes remain active until the temperatures drop below 60 degrees. In metro Atlanta, that doesn’t happen consistently until October.

Midsummer and Mosquitoes are Dangerous

Mosquitoes aren’t just a pain – they also pose a very real health threat. Unfortunately, mosquitoes can transmit a host of deadly diseases with just one bite: dengue fever, chikungunya disease, west Nile virus, lacrosse virus, encephalitis, and more. In fact, it’s because of these diseases that mosquitoes are known as the deadliest animal on the planet.

Help Yourself Control Mosquitoes

You can help yourself control mosquitoes by keeping your yard free from old pots, cans, tires, or even children’s toys that can hold water. A mosquito can lay over 100 eggs in a discarded thimble or even in a small depression in the ground at the side of a wall. Your fish pond is safe if you have fish, but if you don’t, then either get some new ones or clean it out and empty it!

And of course, an easy option is always to pick up a phone and call Mr. Mister at (404) 724-8321 and we will come around and sort out your mosquito problem right away. We will clear out your yard of places where mosquitoes can breed, and will then treat your entire yard and garden so none will be left alive to continue breeding. We can then set up a mosquito spray system that switches on at set times, mainly dusk and early morning, so incoming mosquitoes are deterred and those resting and hiding are removed – permanently!

All of this will be done professionally and safely for your children and pets. We will return at regular intervals if you wish and you can enjoy your entire summer and fall in a yard totally free of mosquitoes. 

Hire Mr. Mister Today and Reclaim Midsummer

So stop with all the swatting, squealing, or swearing when mosquitoes attack you this midsummer. Instead, do something about it – call Mr. Mister at (404) 724-8321 and start helping yourself. Look after your yard and call in the mosquito control experts!

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