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Mosquito Programs: Malaria No More

Mr. Mister offers a mosquito control service throughout Metro area. We believe that we have a commitment to local communities within the North Georgia area and farther afield. Here is a brief description of some of the charity and local community work we have been involved in.

Malaria No More: Mosquito Net Donation

Malaria No More is program that originated in Seattle in 2016. It was set up to help young children worldwide avoid the debilitating and fatal diseases that are carried and transmitted by mosquitoes. Malaria kills a child every single minute throughout the world and Mr. Mister is committed to reduce this figure by helping with the provision of insecticide-treated bed nets. Many young children’s lives can be saved by providing the funds needed by the Malaria No More campaign.

If you are an organization with a mosquito problem then we can help you solve your problem. At the same time you will be helping us to help save the lives of many young vulnerable children.

Local Community Involvement

Mr. Mister is closely involved with local communities, and has helped solve many mosquito-related issues. The Brook Run Dog Park is one example of this. It is a fabulous area for owners to take their dogs and let them run free. There is only one problem with it. Mosquitoes!

A major reason for the park’s popularity with dog owners is that it is an extensive wooded area (around 4 acres) that has a brook and water stations where owners and their dogs can keep hydrated while they exercise. Any resident will know that is the ideal environment for mosquitoes: shade, trees, long grass, bushes and water.

Not only this, but the climate is perfect for mosquitoes to breed, and also for them to hunt down dogs and their owners. The more blood they can suck, the more eggs they can produce and the more new mosquitoes they can create.

Mr. Mister installed the natural mosquito control systems needed to make the Brook Run Dog Park safe for the dogs and their owners. This is now a mosquito-free environment in addition to being free to use. It is very popular with residents and we have used part of the income received for doing this to fund other projects such as providing insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets through Malaria No More.

Mr. Mister has been involved in other community programs in addition to this one. We have become part of a partnership involving non-profit organizations, including other parks, schools and some veterinary services that are committed to protect animals and humans and provide mosquito-free zones that communities can enjoy.

Mosquito Control: Camp Twin Lakes

Camp Twin Lakes provides a camping experience to disabled children and to those with mental illness and other issues. The Camp Twin Lakes initiative has sites available to such kids all over Georgia, and Mr. Mister has ensured that they can camp and have a great time without being bitten by mosquitoes.

Mr. Mister believes that kids in Africa, Asia and South America should be able to play without being bitten and contracting any of several diseases that are often fatal to children. Malaria is the most common and local authorities do not have the resources either to treat infected children or prevent them being bitten.

By signing up through the Mr. Mister mosquito net donation program, a proportion of the contract value of the work we carry out for you will be donated to the Malaria No More program. This money is used to help purchase impregnated mosquito nets for children who need them: those children throughout the world who are threatened by mosquitoes while they sleep at night.

We are involved in other community programs, and if you are interested then contact us here: Contact Mr. Mister or call us on (404) 941-0720. Find out more by visiting the Malaria No More website. This opens in a new window which keeps this page open for your return.

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