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Does Mr. Mister Use DEET?

Does Mr. Mister use DEET? No! We are often asked if the chemicals we use are safe to children and pets. This is a reasonable question, because many of our clients have children – and with children can come a variety of pets. Not all mosquito control chemicals or mosquito repellent sprays are friendly to pets, so this is a fair question to ask.

Here at Mr. Mister, we are well aware of the concerns of our customers and we take safety very much into account. Our engineers and service personnel have the same concerns as you about this, and they would certainly be very apprehensive working with us were their own health concerns not addressed to their satisfaction.

In fact, Mr. Mister uses only mosquito repellents and chemicals that are safe to you and your family – and our employees! You need have no concerns regarding this, although we do stress that it is not advised to expose babies younger than two months to mosquito control sprays or mists of any kind. Although our systems are of low toxicity to people and to pets, very young children may experience discomfort if exposed to them during application. Once the sprays and mists have been applied and dried out, it is safe for your kids to play in your yard.

Mosquito Control Chemical Safety

Mr. Mister does not use DEET in any of our mosquito control sprays and mists. In spite of the mosquito control safety insurances given regarding this chemical, there are still inherent risks and we will not expose any of our clients to them.

DEET is absorbed through your skin, and we do not recommend it for contact with children or your pets. Hence, we do not use it. If you are certain there will never be any kids or small animals in your yards then the decision is yours. We advise against it, particularly since there are effective safer substances available to you!

Many individuals and authorities claim that DEET is safe to use. However, most of these claims come from people using it as an occasional body spray to deter mosquitoes from landing on them and biting them. They are not necessarily using DEET 24/7 in their yards, and many may not even be aware that there are safer alternatives.

Mosquito control safety is our #1 priority – coming before the effectiveness of the sprays and mosquito misting systems we use. As one of the top mosquito control companies in the USA, we always put the safety of our clients and their families and pets first. We have researched the chemicals available and have selected those that combine effectiveness with safety. We have never found it necessary to use DEET, neither to control mosquitoes in domestic and commercial premises, nor to kill off mosquito larvae and flying insects. In our experience, less toxic substances are more than suitable for these purposes- which is why we use them.

Controlling Mosquitoes With Less Toxic Alternatives to DEET

There are many insect-repellent substances that present very little or even no toxic risk to humans. Citronella is one and pyrethrum is another, the latter being a natural substance available from the chrysanthemum plant, including some species of daisy.

Permethrin is a synthetic form of pyrethrum, and as such is it does present some risk, particularly to young children from around 6 months old and under. However, risk must be assessed against the hazards involved in using no mosquito control substances. While the risk to children and pets from pyrethrum is very small and that presented by permethrin is higher, the consequences of being bitten by mosquitoes can be very severe.

You have to assess the risk of using mosquito control substances against not using them. It makes sense to take some action to protect you and your family, and when doing that, it makes even more sense to use the mosquito spray or misting system that offers least risk while also effectively controlling mosquitoes in your yard. That is what Mr. Mister offers to you.

It’s your choice to make, and you can find more information by calling us on (404) 941-0720 or by using our Contact Form here.

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