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Is Pyrethrum Safe?

As in most other cities in the world, involves the use of insecticides such as pyrethrum. So, the question many ask us is: “Is pyrethrum safe to use in controlling mosquitoes?”

As one of the top mosquito control companies in the USA, Mr. Mister keeps safety very much in our minds, and we can guarantee you that all the substances we use to control mosquitoes are safe for normal use. In fact, because it is plant-derived, and considered to be non toxic to humans, pyrethrum is approved by the U.S. authorities for use by certified organic farms.

If it can be used on organic farms, it can certainly be used by you in your own yard! DEET does not have such a certification because of its ability to do harm to humans, particularly to children. This is one of the major reasons why Mr. Mister does not use DEET in our services. We do use pyrethrum, however!

Various Forms of Pyrethrum

Many people are confused about the health and safety aspects of mosquito control chemicals, so here are so here are some facts about pyrethrum to keep your mind at rest when we use it to control mosquitoes in your backyard. First some definitions about substances similar to pyrethrum.

  • Pyrethrum: We are discussing the safety of using pyrethrum, a substance obtained from the Pyrethrum daisy, a safe insecticide that is fatal to many insects including mosquitoes.
  • Pyrethrin: Pyrethrin is the name given to the chemicals contained in Pyrethrum, and since there are several of them they are known as’ pyrethrins’.
  • Pyrethroids: It is possible to manufacture chemicals synthetically that have the same effect as pyrethrum. They have a similar chemical structure, but are not the same, and they are known as pyrethroids.
  • Permethrin: This is a pyrethroid used by Mr. Mister to control mosquitoes. We use both permethrin and the natural pyrethrum. The synthetic version is less expensive than the natural version and is just as effective if not more so. Natural pyrethrum is believed to be safer for use than the synthetic form.

Because it is an insecticide, pyrethrum and its variants are toxic to most insect species including beneficial pollinators. It should not be used indiscriminately, but on specific plants and areas of your garden or backyard. However, when it comes to a choice, you have to choose whether to protect you and your family from the serious diseases that can be spread by mosquitoes or to keep other insects safe.

Mosquito Control Using Pyrethrum

Natural pyrethrum is one of the safest insecticides available, followed closely by the synthetic form permethrin. If used professionally, as Mr. Mister is able to do, you can control mosquitoes in your yard while also protecting other insects and pollinators as much as possible. That’s one reason why many people prefer to have their service looked after by professionals such as Mr. Mister.

We can help to keep your yard free of mosquitoes while also keeping the pollinators as safe as possible. We know where to spot spray for most effectiveness while keeping beneficial insects safe. Pyrethrins can be mixed with other chemicals to increase their efficiency, although these too are organic.

One benefit of pyrethrum and pyrethrins is that they are biodegradable. They break down within a few days, and this lack of persistence in the soil means that they are generally safe to use around vegetables and crop foods in general. In fact, why not grow your own Pyrethrum daisies? They not only repel mosquitoes, but you can grind up the flowers to make your own natural organic mosquito control powder.


While no mosquito control chemical is 100% safe, pyrethrum and pyrethrins are among the least toxic pesticides available and are deadly to mosquitoes. It is safe for fish and amphibians, and offers very low toxicity to humans and pets. However, be careful when using it with infants.

No insecticides or even natural mosquito control substances should be allowed to come into direct contact with infants of 6 months or under – and you should also be careful about the amount of contact with kids of any age. Pyrethrum is one of the safer mosquito control sprays in this respect.

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