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CDC Proactive Against the Zika Virus

The Atlanta CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has announced the provision of $60 million to help prevent the Zika virus from spreading – and Georgia is to receive $1.2 million of this. There have been 39 cases to date confirmed in Georgia, though all of these have been with people who had recently traveled overseas.

Atlanta residents suffer from mosquito bites more than those in any other state in the USA. We all know by now that the Zika virus is spread through mosquito bites, but it can also be spread through sexual contact with somebody who has contracted the virus.

Zika Virus Cases in 2016

As of July 20th, there have been 39 cases of the Zika Virus having been contracted by people in Georgia, all of these being contracted while traveling out of the USA. In fact, as of the same date, there have been no cases in the entire mainland USA – absolutely zero – that have been contracted by means of a mosquito bite. So there is no need to panic.

While taking the correct remedial actions to protect yourself from mosquito bites would certainly help to reduce the chances of contracting Zika, in fact – what’s all the fuss about? Nobody in the USA has Zika through being bitten by a mosquito – or at least by a mosquito local to them. They may have bitten abroad but not locally.

Why no Zika Virus in Georgia?

So if this is the case, which it is according to the CDC, then two questions must be asked.:

1) Why? And
2) When?

Why have there been no cases after all the brouhaha we have heard about it being such a dangerous disease? When is it going to happen – if ever? Have we all been so proactive that mosquitoes no longer bite us? Or is it just a big scare brought on by so many cases in other countries?

They get malaria in Africa, but how many malaria cases have there been in Georgia through mosquito bites? Very few – and yet you still have more chance of catching malaria in Atlanta than Zika! So no need to panic – just continue taking the usual precautions. Protect your yard with a mosquito spray or misting system.

Make sure you have removed or repaired those places where mosquitoes love to hide and breed. Make sure that you have used insecticide treatments to ensure that your yard will be free of Zika and any other biting insect.

If you are not sure then don’t take any chances. Call on Mr. Mister and we will survey your property and suggest the most effective treatments that ensure that you will not have to worry about malaria or Zika.

The CDC in Atlanta is being proactive, but If there have as yet been no natural cases of Zika, why is that? Is it due to the mosquito treatments and mosquito control systems being used by Atlantans? It would be a mistake to just assume that no cases means that the CDC and others have been premature with their warnings.

That might be the case, but it is always best to be proactive. It is possible that the remedial actions taken have reduced the potential Zika cases to zero before any were recorded. This would surely be the ultimate in mosquito control!

It is always difficult to assess the reasons for a zero incidence of any occurrence, particularly of the number of virus cases. It dies seem however that there has either been a significant overestimation of the ability of the Zika virus to become endemic in the USA, of the effect of the remedial actions taken with the assistance of mosquito control companies such as Mr. Mister, or of the nature of the virus and they way it propagates away from tropical climates.

Mr. Mister has the Zika Knowhow and Mosquito Sprays to Keep Zika Down

Who knows, but what we do know is that the Zika epidemic has yet to occur and that Americans seem to know how to protect themselves from insect-borne diseases. So do not get complacent. Mr. Mister will visit your yard and make sure it offers as much of a barrier to mosquitoes as it can and you are as safe from the Zika virus as anyone else in the U.S.

The Atlanta CDC has done what it can, and can certainly claim some of the credit for this apart of the USA being Zika-free. At least for now! Mr. Mister can help you ensure that your yard remains Zika free – for ever. A Zika free yard is worth its weight in gold right now.  Contact Mr. Mister for more information about the Zika virus and mosquito control in Metro Atlanta, GA.

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