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Zika Virus Update

Mr. Mister is a company that focuses on Atlanta mosquito control. We also take a keen interest in the health of metro Atlanta residents in relation to mosquito attacks. Here is our Zika virus update for September. We shall issue a Zika virus report at the beginning of each month until the Zika situation has been controlled.

September Zeka Virus Update

By August 25, there have been around 60 cases of the Zika virus reported in Georgia. There were 48 cases reported by August 17.  They are all stated to have been travel related, meaning that the individuals infected were bitten outside of the state.

There has also been a recent case reported to the Georgia Southern University. Patrice Jackson, Dean of Students at the university, stated that this case is also travel related. It is not certain whether or not the case reported involved a student at the university. The individual infected was based in Bullock County which as 210 miles southeast of Atlanta.

There is a danger of believing that travel-related cases are irrelevant to Atlanta, and even to Georgia as a whole. However, this would be a mistake because all it takes is for one of these confirmed Zika cases to be bitten by a mosquito in Georgia, and that mosquito can then transfer Zika to every other person it bites. So, never relax in your mosquito control efforts.


Zika Transferred Sexually

A little known fact is that the Zika virus is not only transferred by mosquitoes. It can be transferred between humans. It has been known for some time that infected men can transfer the virus to their sexual partners. A case has now been reported in New York City by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control where Zika was transferred from a female to male partner.

The female had shown symptoms of headache and abdominal pain the same day as having unprotected sex with her male partner. Her symptoms developed until she was diagnosed as having the Zika virus in her blood and urine.  The following week her male partner showed the same symptoms and his urine was discovered to contain the virus – though not his blood.

It had been believed that only men could transfer the virus through sexual activity. Now the advice given is that anybody of any gender who has visited a country or area affected by the Zika virus should abstain from unprotected sex for at least six weeks.

In fact, it is likely that any such persons should abstain from any form of sexual activity during that period.  If the virus can be transferred through the urine or the blood, then it might be best to avoid any form of contact with those affected that involves any form of intimate personal contact. Even manual!

What Zika Does and How Mr. Mister Helps

Zika causes a host of birth defects, especially microcephaly, a condition that stunts the growth of a fetus’s brain and the skull to collapse on it. The virus also causes miscarriages and still births. The stakes seem too high to take chances.

Mr. Mister can do nothing about the Zika virus, but we can make it much less likely for you to be bitten by any mosquitoes carrying this virus. Our mosquito sprays and automatic mosquito control systems will reduce the chances of you being bitten by any mosquito species in your own yard.

All of the information provided above is true, and by applying the best forms of mosquito control in your backyard, front yard or garden, you will be sure to reduce the chances of you being bitten to an absolute minimum. What will be for sure is that it’s extremely unlike you will be bitten in your own backyard.

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