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Preparing for Winter

Atlanta residents are no strangers to the nuisance mosquitoes become during the summer months. The average local Atlantan will cite June, July and even August as the most bothersome months of the entire year, as this is when mosquitoes thrive — hatching in large numbers due to the excess moisture in the air from high levels of humidity. These are also the months you’re most likely to seek effective solutions for controlling these pests.

Though, when the summer has come to an end, many locals will write off mosquito control all-together. Mainly due to the fact that during the cooler months of the year, mosquitoes are usually a non-existent threat.

Unbeknownst to the majority of Atlanta’s citizens, however, winter is when mosquitoes (and their larvae) are laying dormant. Thus, offering the perfect opportunity to prepare your yard for mosquito control before these pests get the chance to wreak havoc (or spread viruses like Zika) in the summer season ahead.

Why Seek Mosquito Control in the Winter?

As noted, mosquitoes (like most insects) don’t die off completely during the cooler Atlanta months. Instead, the majority of the mosquitoes that have plagued you all summer either lay dormant themselves — in a hibernated state known as ‘diapause’ — or keep their offspring at bay in order to hatch once the weather turns warm and humid again.

A female mosquito typically stops hatching eggs once the weather falls below approximately 50 degrees, though mosquitoes survive throughout these months due to the sugar, fat and protein they’ve stored up from our blood in the summer and nectar from plants in the fall. These pests will then burrow into hollow logs, drains, brickwork and cracks in your basement to survive until next season.

This is why finding options to prepare your yard and outdoor spaces for mosquitoes during the winter can be an effective way to stop these pests from ever becoming a problem in the future.

Where To Find Effective Winter Mosquito Control

For obvious reasons, your options for finding effective mosquito control in the winter are limited. Most pest control companies don’t possess the strategies necessary to prepare your yard for mosquito control once the temperature outside significantly drops.

Enter Mr. Mister: a locally owned and operated company that has been providing Atlanta residents with the best and innovative solutions for controlling mosquitoes no matter the time of year.

How Mr. Mister Can Prepare Your Yard For Mosquito Control

You can rest assured that your yard and outdoor spaces will be protected as soon as the spring begins by utilizing Mr. Mister’s Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems.

While these systems — which are designed specifically to fit the layout of your property — are mostly for use when the weather is warm (and mosquitoes are most active), you can prepare your yard for mosquito control by having one installed during the winter.

Each automatic system is made up of intuitive nozzles that distribute a fine mist of Mr. Mister’s biodegradable (and EPA approved) misting sprays around the perimeter of your yard — creating a 100% mosquito-free zone.

To learn more about Mr. Mister’s Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems click here. Or contact us today to learn how quick and easy a system can be installed in your yard.

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