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Mosquito Control For Those Who Travel

You may find mosquito control at home rather simple. Especially if you have implemented innovative ways to control the pests around your yard — like installing an automatic mosquito misting system or hiring professionals to come out and treat your yard on a consistent basis. Yet, how do you control these pests when you’re away?

More and more Americans are traveling each year to other parts of the country and beyond, however — while traveling can provide a truly enjoyable experience for you and your family — mosquitoes will still be a problem and a risk to your health, with diseases like Zika Virus. Chikungunya and other blood-borne illnesses looming.

This is especially true if you’re traveling to an area of the world that is more prone to mosquito activity, for example a city like Florida, which has a warm climate all year round.

Mosquito Control While Traveling to Europe

While the UK is not known for mosquitoes (given their cooler, dreary climate) mediterranean areas of Europe are notorious for these disease carrying pests. This includes popular European destinations like Italy, France, Greece and Spain.

Before traveling to these areas, it’s important to research the dangers mosquitoes pose during that particular time of year. You should always carry the necessary mosquito repellents in order to avoid blood-borne diseases and illnesses.

Worldwide Zika Virus Threat

Zika virus hasn’t hit Europe as hard as it has in the US, yet the disease still remains a threat in certain areas (such as the mediterranean areas mentioned above); thus, you should still take precautions to prevent catching the virus.

The illness is spread from a mosquito bite and carries symptoms like fever, rash, joint pain, and red eyes. Ensure you’re aware of these symptoms as they’ll be key in identifying if you or one of your family members has contracted the virus.

Types of Mosquito Protection You Need

Airport security and the TSA ban traveling with aerosol cans and liquids of any kind. This makes it extremely difficult to carry mosquito repellents with you while you travel to another part of the world.

This is why mosquito repellents should be purchased immediately upon landing — most can be found in gift shops inside every airport — and kept with you at all times. For an extra precaution, you can pack an antihistamine cream and apply it to your skin, especially if you’re traveling to areas like South America which is notorious for mosquitoes. All in all, do your research and take the necessary measures to prepare yourself for mosquitoes before you travel to ensure you and your family are safe.

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