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Combating Mosquitoes & Zika This Summer

With more and more travel alerts from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) released in the US each month, Zika virus has never posed as much of a threat to American citizens than it does today.

It’s a known fact: mosquitoes spread the Zika virus which then leads to the illness known as Zika fever — a disease that causes fever, rash, paralysis and (in some cases) death.

Major U.S. cities like Miami and Atlanta have just recently been included in the outbreak, which means the need for mosquito control is at its proverbial height.

What can you and your family do to prevent Zika?

Start With Effective Mosquito Control

Unlike in years past (when mosquitoes weren’t as dangerous), wasting your time and hard earned money on costly mosquito repellents you may find at your local box store just isn’t enough to keep these dangerous pests away.

Choosing an effective method for mosquito control is imperative to maintaining your family’s safety from Zika and similar illnesses. For Atlanta residents, Mr. Mister has remained the go-to for effective mosquito control.

What makes Mr. Mister the most effective source for mosquito control in Atlanta?

Mr. Mister Promises Mosquito Control to Last

With innovative techniques to control mosquitoes around your home and outdoor spaces, Mr. Mister promises a mosquito-free yard for you and your family to enjoy.

How do they do this? Mr. Mister’s effectiveness begins with their misting solutions (or sprays), which stick to outdoor surfaces and foliage around your home — creating a line of defense from adult mosquitoes and even inhibiting larvae (a mosquito in the beginning stages of life) from ever growing into the pests that carry Zika today.

By defending your home from existing mosquitoes and their offspring, Mr. Mister is not just a temporary solution to mosquito control, but a permanent fix to stopping these pests now and in the future.

What methods do Mr. Mister use to control mosquitoes?

Stopping Zika Virus with Automatic Mosquito Control

Mr. Mister offers two different methods for controlling mosquitoes in Atlanta. One method is with their automatic misting systems which take the work out of controlling a myriad of insects that typically plague your outdoor spaces (for a full list of insects Mr. Mister protects your family from, click here).

Each misting system consists of a specific amount of innovative nozzles — the amount of these nozzles used in each system is dependant on your property’s layout — which periodically treat your yard with Mr. Misters EPA-approved misting sprays.

ClearZone Is Your Line of Defense Against Zika

ClearZone is a bit different (yet just as effective) from Mr. Mister’s automatic misting systems, in that it’s actually a service which sends mosquito control professionals to your home on a recurring basis.

These professionals will spray anywhere mosquitoes like to hide or breed, including: standing water, ponds and the underside of leaves — ensuring the current population of mosquitoes are wiped out completely for a full 21 days (guaranteed). And, because Mr Mister’s solutions are 100% biodegradable, you don’t have to worry about leftover residue.

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