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Why Mosquito Control Is More Effective Than Repellent

When it comes to mosquitoes, and the dangers they carry (including illnesses like Zika and West Nile virus), you’ve likely already made it a priority to control these pests when you and your family spend times outdoors.

While mosquito repellents are still the norm for many Americans, in their defense against mosquitoes, these sprays can be extremely harmful in the long run and cause more damage to your health then the disease-carrying mosquitoes you’re trying to repel.

This is why you should instead opt for mosquito control over mosquito repellents. What’s the difference?

Mosquito Control is the Safer Option

Keeping you and your family safe from mosquitoes (and mosquito-borne illnesses) is imperative to living a healthy lifestyle. Why would you take an even bigger risk in doing so by using dangerous repellents?

Most popular mosquito repellents you’ll find in your local box store use a range of toxic chemicals and pesticides to effectively kill mosquitoes. The worst of which is called DEET.

DEET is so harmful that the EPA (Environment Protection Agency) warns anyone that uses products that contains the chemical to thoroughly wash their skin immediately after being outdoors. They also warn you to avoid breathing in the substance or getting it in your eyes. This is because DEET has a knack for absorbing into the skin, which can cause long-term health issues.

Mosquito control on the other hand — such as the variety of innovative techniques provided by Mr. Mister — are much safer for you, your family and the environment. Mr. Mister uses only EPA approved misting sprays that are 100% biodegradable, meaning they won’t leave behind a residue.

Mosquito Repellents Are Less Effective

Beyond the long-term health risks they pose, mosquito repellent sprays are much less effective than proper mosquito control methods.

The majority of Americans that use popular store-bought repellents are still affected by mosquitoes (and mosquito bites) due to the fact that these sprays — as mentioned before — absorb quickly into the skin. Once this happens you lose all of the mosquito repelling protection, which means you’ll need to either spray more dangerous chemicals onto your skin or completely escape the outdoors in order to avoid mosquitoes.

Multiple Options For Mosquito Control in Atlanta

Mr. Misters options for mosquito control, like their ClearZone mosquito misting service, sends a mosquito repelling professional to your yard on a consistent basis. This will create a barrier around your yard, as the spray used during treatment will stick to foliage and the underside of outdoor furniture to stop mosquitoes in their tracks and prevent larvae (mosquito offspring) from pestering you in the future.

Beyond ClearZone, Mr. Mister also offers automatic mosquito misting systems, which make the process of controlling these pests even simpler. Each system is designed to fit the perimeter of your yard perfectly and disperses Mr. Mister’s misting solution each day, when mosquitoes are most active. Thus, providing the perfect solution for controlling mosquitoes now and in the future.

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