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Why You Should Focus On Pet Mosquito Control

Are mosquito sprays safe for pets? What is the best form of mosquito control for pets? Furry and hairy coats might help, but cats and dogs can suffer from mosquito bites just as you do. They can also Transfer West Nile disease to your pet and also heartworm. Dogs and cats are susceptible to heartworm which can be transmitted by mosquito bites, and it is often a fatal condition for your pet. You should protect them just as you protect yourself if you live in a mosquito-prone area such as Atlanta.

Never Use DEET Mosquito Sprays on Pets

When considering mosquito sprays, never use any containing DEET on your pet. Mosquito control for pets should never contain DEET – it can kill them. It might work on humans (though never on babies) but should never be used on small animals. In fact, Mr. Mister does not use DEET at all because there are are too many questions regarding its safety. Animals can lick it when applied to their skin or fur, and ingest what is a potentially fatal chemical.

There are several natural insecticides you can use on your pet, most available from pet stores in mosquito-prone towns and cities. It must be recognized that cats and dogs are not the same. Cats metabolize chemicals in a different way to humans and dogs. What you find safe for your dog may not be safe for your cat, so be aware of this.

There are insect repellents that have been designed specifically for cats, and you will find these online. Ticks N All is one that can be found on Amazon, but there are others. Quite frankly, while Mr. Mister offers natural mosquito repellents and sprays, you are advised to ask your vet for advice on mosquito protection for cats. These are a special case, different to dogs and humans.

A Mosquito Misting System as Mosquito Control for Pets

One way of protecting your whole family, including your cats and dogs and any other pets you may have is to stop mosquitoes entering your property. You can use our Mosquito misting system to create a mosquito barrier around your yard and garden. Preventing the insects from gaining access to your yard is the best type of mosquito control for pets – and for humans!

We will first make sure your property is free of mosquitoes, and then set up the misting system. This involves a system of pipes and nozzles that spray a fine mist of insecticide around the perimeter of your home. The insecticide is contained in canisters, or tanks for larger installations.

The system is set to spray a mist into and under the foliage in your yards. This removes any mosquitoes already there and prevents others from entering your property to breed. They do this by biting you and your pets for a supply of blood to create their eggs – that’s why only females bite. They use blood to extract the protein needed to create eggs. Males live off nectar – as do females in the main.

Be Careful with Natural Insecticides

If you are thinking about using essential oils and other natural insecticides as a form of mosquito control for pets, then proceed with caution. Some of these are ineffective for mosquitoes and others are toxic to small animals such as cats. For example, garlic-containing natural insecticides are toxic to small animals such as dogs and cats as well as to insects. Keeping your pets indoors when mosquitoes are most active is the best way of protecting them – even if they don’t like it.

You will not have to do that if Mr. Mister is carrying out your mosquito control for you. Our mosquito misting system protects your children and your cats and dogs. Mosquitoes are most active early morning and evening when the sun is lower in the sky. Avoid regular mosquito sprays. The best mosquito control for pets is to keep the mosquitoes out by installing a mosquito misting system as explained above.

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