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Flowers Offer Natural Protection Against Flying Insects

There are plenty of companies out there spraying for mosquitoes. Some of them are better than others. But one way to choose a company is to look at their values. Does your mosquito control company use a mosquito spray system that is safe? Is their spray destructive to plants and animals? Is it toxic to pets or people? These are all good questions to ask when you consider a mosquito control company for your home or business.

Pyrethrum-Based Mosquito Spray System

The active components in our mosquito spray system are botanical in origin. Unlike sprays invented in a chemist’s lab, our spray comes from flowers. Would it be cheaper or easier to use a chemical spray? Maybe. But at Mr. Mister, the health and safety of our valued members are our number one priority. We want to keep pests out of your life and prevent diseases like Chikungunya and West Nile that affect your family and pets.

To achieve this, we use one of the safest forms of spray available in our mosquito spray system. The spray we use is based on a close relative of your friendly garden-variety chrysanthemums. Specifically, we use one of the chemicals contained in the seeds of the Osteospermum flower.

Commonly called the African daisy, these flowers may show up as summer bedding in parks and gardens. But what we care about is their anti-mosquito qualities. Osteospermum seeds contains pyrethrum oil which either kills flying insects, stops them from biting, or forces them to leave the area where pyrethrum is used.



Why Natural is Better

Pyrethrum is a natural substance, and is unique in that it is safe for use near humans and other warm-blooded animals. It can be used indoors in restaurants, food processing plants, kitchens, and other similarly sensitive areas. It does not persist in the environment and is easily broken down by sunlight. At Mr. Mister, we use a special blend that allows the pyrethrum-based spray to stay effective for 21 days. That’s why we come back and spray every three weeks.

Pyrethrum is also biodegradable. It begins to breakdown due to natural occurrences like rain. And it does no harm to anything but pesky mosquitoes and other bugs. Humans, cats, dogs, and other warm-blooded pets are not harmed by the chemical since it is easily metabolized by mammals. It is regarded as a completely safe insecticide for humans.

At Mr. Mister, our mosquito spray and misting systems are completely safe for you, but deadly for mosquitoes. In fact, the main ingredient of the spray solution in Mr. Mister’s mosquito spray system is water.

The Mr. Mister mosquito spray system uses flower power to keep your yard mosquito-free without harming your family or the environment. Find out more about our fully customized mosquito spray system installation and the natural solution used to keep pests at bay.

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