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Global Warming and Mosquitoes

Global warming and mosquitoes are two of the major threats to health in the South-East USA. Global warming is likely to increase the mosquito population – and also the infections that come with it. There is not a lot we can do about this in the short term, but if you follow proper systems, you will be able to minimize this problem for you and your family.

The Scientific American magazine highlighted this issue back in September 2013, and nothing has changed to indicate that the problem will not continue. Sure, the Paris Agreement gives us some hope, but before we join John Kerry in his celebrations we should recognize that there won’t be any changes soon.

It will take a long time before any country reduces CO2 emissions sufficiently to slow down global warming – it will not stop rising, but it is hoped to slow it to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. Others are not so optimistic, and believe this will be closer to 2.7C – 3C, based on the number and nature of the countries involved.

Global Warming and Mosquitoes

Global warming and mosquitoes increase hand in hand. Mosquitoes become active at 50C, and if global warming continues, this temperature will be reached much earlier than at present. Mosquito-friendly habitats will increase, and infection rates of dengue fever, West Nile virus, chikungunya and encephalitis will increase with them. Not all temperature increases lead to arid conditions: they can also lead to warm and dank areas in rivers, streams, creeks and lakes. Atlanta contains and is surrounded by such water sources that are heaven to mosquitoes.globa warming and mosquitoes - tiger mosquito image

Statistics from 2012 have shown that the incidences of mosquito-borne diseases have significantly increased. As the average world temperature increases, even by 1-2 degrees, the mosquito problem will increase with it. Meaning our service will become increasingly important to residents of our city – and to visitors.  Many Atlanta residents living close to rivers and creeks should be thinking of planning for this.

Systems and Global Warming

There are some basic steps you can take to reduce the chances of you being bitten. If you fit fine-mesh screens to all doors and windows you will reduce the chances of mosquitoes entering your home. You can use insect repellant, but keep in mind that there are effective repellants and insecticides than just DEET. This is not as safe to children and pets as it may be claimed to be.

Mr. Mister can offer you treatments that are friendly to you, your young family and to your pets. The first step would be to have your yard or garden surveyed by our technicians, and then treated to remove any infestation in areas of standing water. These include pools, ponds, metal or plastic containers lying around your yard and anywhere else that could hold standing water without drainage.

Even drains, culverts, guttering and downpipes can be home to overwintering mosquitoes or their eggs. Even larvae can last over winter. We also spray the underside of any foliage around your home to make sure that none of the overwintering mosquitoes survive. That’s where they tend to rest: on the underside of foliage leaves.

Global warming means that eggs will hatch and larvae mature to adults earlier than expected. It’s important to accept this and plan accordingly. Mr. Mister can help you with that planning. After the initial action – removing any existing infestation of eggs, larvae and adults – you can leave it that, or take another step forward.

Automatic Mosquito Spray System

Our automatic mosquito spray system creates a barrier between the main parts of your yard and garden and any mosquitoes trying to enter it. This operates by means of a series of spray nozzles, fed through pipes with a powerful insecticide spray. What we achieve by this is to:

a) Remove any mosquitoes already in your yard when we take action. These could be at the adults, larvae or egg stage in their development. This means that your front and backyard will be clear of these insects come spring.
b) Set up a barrier to new mosquitoes entering your yard. When they first arrive, they tend to land on the foliage around your home. The automatic mosquito spray will deal with these, and leave your home as mosquito-free as it is possible to get.

Global Warming and Mosquitoes: Summary

Global warming and mosquitoes go hand in hand. The warmer the atmosphere the faster and earlier they will breed. The world is increasing in temperature each year. You should take the steps needed to prevent the consequent increases in mosquito populations from attacking you and you family earlier than usual. Also make sure you reduce the likelihood of any of your family or pets contracting potentially fatal diseases. The above mosquito service will help you achieve that.

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