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There Are Many More Viruses Than Zika

Why Zika mosquito control? Why all the publicity about the Zika virus?  There are many more viruses that mosquitoes of all kinds can transfer to us, our children and out pets.  Why is it that one single virus gets everybody worried and dead set on killing it? It’s a simple question to answer.

We will answer it just this once now, and then focus on what we should be focusing on – mosquito control, not just Zika control. The virus gets its name from the Zika Forest close to Entebbe in Uganda. It is a virus that may be passed from a pregnant woman to her fetus. This can result in microcephaly, where the child is born with a small head, and likely also a small brain.  It can also cause impaired growth and hearing and eye problems.

Effect of the Zika Virus Disease

The Zika virus is passed on by the Aedes mosquito species, which is also responsible for passing on the chikungunya virus and dengue fever. These can also result in severe illnesses, so the question is, why is it only now that the Aedes mosquito is being singled out? Perhaps if more had been done in the past to control mosquitoes generally throughout Metro Atlanta, there might have been less of a problem than there has been.

This is not the problem of parents, but of a general awareness of the issues that mosquitoes bring them when they bite you. They don’t bite for protection, such as wasps and bees, but to get the protein from your blood they need to develop their eggs.

Stop Zika Virus: Control the Eggs

Like all insects, mosquitoes lay eggs. They do so in any stagnant water they can find, from old cans and other containers to the spaces between bricks and around your drains. Swamps and riverbanks are favourites – hence the Metro Atlanta area being the worst in the entire USA for mosquito bites!

Zika mosquito control is no more difficult than controlling any other mosquito. Sure, the Zika virus is the worst we have come across in Atlanta, but why does it take this to jump-start the population into controlling these darn critters!

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