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Mosquito Tips For A Summer Vacation

Mosquito protection may be easy at home, particularly if you have sophisticated mosquito control and misting systems set up. But what if you are going on vacation? You might be able to roam about your own backyard and garden without any worries about being bitten, but what about your hotel or vacation rental?

Mosquitoes in Europe

The UK is not known for mosquitoes, but the Mediterranean countries are.  Worst are Italy, Greece and the Mediterranean coasts of Spain, France, and from Greece up to Croatia. If you intend to vacation in Europe then check where you are going. Most of Europe is mosquito-free other than the occasional stray. The Med however is where you must take care and use mosquito repellents.

Northern European countries are virtually mosquito free. You will be very unlikely to need mosquito protection in countries such as Iceland, Norway and Finland, and also the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Forget the Arctic Circle although they have been found in Alaska.

Zika Virus in Europe

The Zika virus has not spread to the same extent in Europe as it has in the USA. It is still fairly rare, but if it does crop up it is likely to be in the areas mentioned above. The Mediterranean coast is more likely to be affected than anywhere else in Europe. After that, the Black Sea might also be affected.

On a likelihood scale of 10, the Mediterranean costs of France, Italy and Malta lie at 8.1 while the UK is at 3.6.  Black Sea coastal resorts lie around the 6.8-7.8 level. However, all of these are well below the likelihood levels of southern U.S. states such as Florida and Georgia.

What Mosquito Protection Do You Need?

In order to protect yourself against mosquito bites on vacation, you should first check out the likelihood of being bitten, such as the above figures for the Zika-carrying mosquitoes in Europe. There will likely be higher likelihoods of being bitten in South America, Africa and Asia and less as you travel northwards.

Take anti-mosquito sprays with you because they may not be common where you are going. If you do get bitten, you might suffer more from itching than anything else.  Pack an antihistamine cream just in case. Many Europeans go their whole life without coming across a mosquito, let alone get bitten by one. Africans and Asian are much more likely to be bitten.

Advice on Vacation Mosquito Protection

It is virtually impossible to give advice to everybody traveling abroad on vacation. Likely, the best advice is to take anti-mosquito sprays for your hotel room and also personal sprays to protect yourself while outdoors. There are few vacation resorts in Europe with the mosquito problems, so a good repellent spray will likely be enough for you.

Nevertheless, it’s safest to take what you would normally have at home in Atlanta both to scare of the mosquitoes and to treat any bites you may have the bad luck to get. The mosquito protection you should take with you on vacation depends a great deal on your destination. Check it up online and then take it from there.

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