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Tired of mosquitoes? The Mr. Mister Mosquito Control system can create a mosquito-free zone around your yard. A Mr. Mister mosquito barrier is an area around your home that is secured against mosquitoes. When you install a barrier system, you can bid mosquito bites goodbye.

How a Barrier Works

When mosquitoes invade your yard, they don’t rush in all at once. To take over your yard, mosquitoes are either born there or slowly move in from nearby areas. They tend to settle down in your foliage, looking for a spot to hide from breezes and direct sun. Once they detect a potential blood meal, they spring into action.

Mosquitoes locate prey by detecting carbon dioxide from your breath. They are also drawn to the scent of perspiration and, as they get closer, your body heat. Any one of these is sufficient to make mosquitoes rise and attack you. A mosquito barrier involves treating the surrounding foliage with a fine mist of insecticide. The insecticide eradicates these ferocious pests and their larvae before they even sense you. It also makes it impossible for new mosquitoes to move in and make themselves at home. The mist sticks to foliage and remains effective for as long as three weeks.

Mr. Mister mosquito control systems are an extremely effective way to manage mosquitoes in your yard and around your home. A mosquito control system creates a mosquito barrier by repelling mosquitoes and destroying those that try to breach the barrier.

There are two ways to create an effective mosquito barrier: a manual spray method and an automated system.

For the manual method, a Mr. Mister mosquito control technician visits your home every 21 days to apply a spray to your yard and surrounding foliage. The spray kills mosquitoes and larvae and prevents new adults from moving int.

An automated system is a network of pipes and nozzles similar to a backyard sprinkler system. The pipes are connected to a tank of insecticide solution specifically designed to control mosquitoes. Because the mist is so fine, it takes time to settle and can penetrate areas where mosquitoes like to hide.

Most species are active at dawn, dusk, sunset, and early evening. Mosquitoes tend not to come out at night or during hot, dry afternoons when their bodies can be dehydrated. Depending on the species of mosquitoes in your yard, the system can be fine-tuned to spray at the most effective times of the day.

You will find that a mosquito barrier significantly improves your enjoyment of the summer months in your yard. You can enjoy a swim in the pool, a BBQ with friends, or just lazing about. The mosquito barrier provided by the Mr. Mister Mosquito Control™ system will keep you free from bites. Guaranteed!

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