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Simple Mosquito Protection Tips

When we talk about protection, we don’t just mean controlling the activity of mosquitoes. We mean eliminating them. Atlanta has been rated the buggiest city in the USA for mosquitoes year after year. So it makes sense to take preventative action before it becomes urgent; or before it’s too late. Mr. Mister offers two excellent ways to keep a lid on your mosquito problem. One is our ClearZone™ mosquito barrier around your home or business, which comes in the form of a regular mosquito misting service. The other is an installed automated mosquito misting system, which functions on its own with only minimal service visits from Mr. Mister. Before your mosquito problem gets out of hand, we have some simple mosquito protection tips you can follow to keep the little buzzers at bay.

Simple Mosquito Protection Tips

You can’t take one action and have your mosquito problem solved. There are many ways of protecting your home or business from these devilish insects, and Mr. Mister takes a multipronged approach. Here are some mosquito protection tips that will help you avoid agony during your barbecue or losing business because clients are overwhelmed with mosquitoes when they visit your property.

1. Check Your Yard

The first and most fundamental step is to check your yard for anywhere that mosquitoes might breed.

A female mosquito can lay up to 300 eggs at a time. The average female lives 6-8 weeks and can lay eggs every 3-4 days. Female mosquitoes are the only ones that bite because they need the protein in your blood to create their eggs. The male does not bite and lives off nectar.

Mosquitoes like temperatures around 80 degrees. Different species of mosquito handle cold temperatures differently. Some female mosquitoes start to shut down at about 50 degrees and go into hibernation. Hidden in fallen logs, holes in the ground, or other warm locations, they can survive over the winter if it is not too harsh. The last batch of eggs laid before winter can wait until the temperatures rise again to hatch.

Mosquitoes also need water to breed. Mosquito larvae spend the first stages of their life in the water, so without water, they can’t reproduce. Check out your yard for places where mosquitoes could breed. Simple examples are:

  • Cans (e.g., watering cans and food cans) and pots that hold standing water
  • Birdbaths
  • Ponds without fish (fish eat the developing larvae)
  • Small areas of standing water
  • Unused barbecues pans
  • Any other container that can hold water for any length of time

Also, look for damp areas around drains and downpipes or roof gutters. Finally, look around for areas with poor drainage or any other areas of standing water you notice in your yard.

2. Apply a Barrier

A mosquito barrier is an area around your home that is inhospitable to mosquitoes. Mr. Mister’s ClearZone™ misting treatment sprays the underside of the foliage in your yard, which is where mosquitoes tend to rest. This treatment lasts 21 days, after which it will be reapplied to ensure continuous protection. The ClearZone™ misting system kills off living mosquitoes, keeps larvae from maturing, and prevents outside mosquitoes from moving in.

The service also includes treating standing water in your front and back yards. Our technicians look for mosquito breeding hotspots such as drains, downspouts, and gutters. Mosquito control does not only involve killing adult mosquitoes, but also eliminating the breeding areas from which new mosquitoes will emerge.

3. Automatic Spraying

Our automatic mosquito misting system is the ultimate hassle-free solution. Mr. Mister can help you create a permanent mosquito barrier around your home. Our automated system works like a conventional sprinkler system. It releases a fine mist of biodegradable insecticide according to an automated schedule. The regular application keeps your property mosquito-free and prevents any new invasions of your property.

Mr. Mister can provide mosquito protection systems to suit any residential, industrial, or commercial premises. If you have a mosquito problem and want an effective and safe solution, contact Mr. Mister at (404) 941-0720. Or, follow this link for a free, no-obligation Price Quote.


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