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Common Mistakes Made by Mosquito Control Service Knock-Offs

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At Mr. Mister, we provide two options for keeping your home or business mosquito-free. Most of our members choose our ClearZone™ Misting option. We visit your property about every 21 days during mosquito season and apply a highly effective mosquito guard solution. The other option we offer is installed automated mosquito-spray systems. Mosquito control systems are an excellent investment in your home and family life. Either method can help prevent disease, promote healthy outdoor lifestyles, and make being outside fun again. But make sure you know what you’re investing in when contracting with a mosquito control company. Here are a few common mistakes made by mosquito control service knock-offs that customers have shared with Mr. Mister.

Common Mistakes Made by Mosquito Control Service Knock-Offs [infographic]

They Are Not Thorough

Other companies might install a system or spray your yard, but mosquitoes continue to infest your property. What a disappointment! Their mosquito-prevention solutions fail because they aren’t thorough. They either do not understand what to look for to eliminate the problem, or they just “fill and bill.”

With Mr. Mister, you get a complete mosquito control solution. We offer fully-automated custom misting systems built specifically for your yard by our licensed and insured professionals. Or, if you prefer not to install a system, our technicians will do more than just spray around your yard.

Our service providers are trained bi-weekly on changes to the mosquito control game and how to provide the best bang for your buck. They can help you identify mosquito hotspots and get to the root of your infestation. Then our technicians help you eliminate breeding grounds. Once your property is safe from mosquitoes, we come back and spray in just the right spots to keep you mosquito-free all season long.

Not Using the Best Product

Not every mosquito service uses a mosquito control solution that is both safe and effective. At Mr. Mister, we use a solution that creates a protective shield that lasts 21 days. Our solution sticks to the underside of the foliage in your yard. It kills adult mosquitoes and prevents eggs from hatching, reducing the future population. And it is 100% biodegradable.

The product we use is 99.7% water, and it’s safe for people and pets. Your walls, windows, and doors will also benefit. Some services use oily sprays that can leave stains on your home. But our water-based solution will never leave a mark.

Installing a Misting System but Not Maintaining It

Some customers choose to install an automated mosquito control system. We’re not the only company that installs these systems, but we are certainly the best. How do we know? Because we’ve seen the other guys’ work, and we often have to clean up their messes.

We take over the management of dozens of systems from mosquito control service knock-offs, They often have leaks, clogged nozzles, and broken parts. But whether we installed your system or take over an existing system, we’ll never leave you with broken equipment. All of our systems come with a lifetime warranty for the system and its parts. You never have to worry about being liable if there are issues with the system. We are the only company to offer that warranty, and we have a 24-hour guaranteed response time, including weekends.

With Mr. Mister, you are completely covered, from installation to maintenance.

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