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Where Mosquitoes Hide in Your Yard and Your Garden

Do you know where mosquitoes hide when they are not actively hunting you out and biting you? To effectively control them, you must know where mosquitoes hang out in your yard and garden when they are not active. Mosquitoes tend to come out in the early morning and then again at dusk. So, where are they the rest of the time? Know that, and it makes mosquito control a lot easier!

Many people believe that they hang around your ponds and wet ground. True, they can be found there when they are active. But during most of the day, they keep out of your way and choose their best hiding places. Mosquitoes spend their time in areas that are away from the sun but still warm and humid. And that does not mean in your pond! The only mosquitoes you will find there are the hatched larvae and nymphs that are ready to progress to the adult stage.

So let’s find how where mosquitoes hide when you can’t see them!

Where Mosquitoes Hide in Your Yard and Your Garden [infographic]

Where Mosquitoes Hide in Your Yard

Mosquitoes do not like bright, hot sunshine, and neither do they like the wind. For that reason, you will usually come across them two times a day. Their first appearance beings just after dawn and lasts until mid-morning when the day starts to heat up. They come out again around 20 minutes before sunset and stick around for about 2 hours or so after sunset. So, where do they go between these times?

The answer is obvious once you see it. Mosquitoes like shade, preferably with a reasonable degree of humidity. They do not like dry places, such as a wall in the shade. So, where is best for a resting mosquito? Mosquitoes prefer to hide in long grass or deep shrubbery. The foliage helps keep in some moisture, and it also blocks wind and breezes.

Mosquitoes aren’t great flyers, and a breeze of just a few miles per hour can make it hard for them to get around. So tall grass and dense bushes offer perfect protection during the day. That’s why you should keep your lawn cut short. Especially look for grass in moist areas. Trim away any long grass around your pool, pond, or even around your walkways.

Other Hiding Spots

Tall grass and bushes are the primary places where mosquitoes hide in your yard. However, there are other hiding spots, too. Keeping a well-maintained yard helps. But there are places where you are likely to find mosquitoes even if you maintain a tidy yard.

Keep in mind that mosquitoes hide in your yard where it is dark—or at least shady—and humid. So, where better to hide than on the underside of foliage leaves? Whether your yard has bushes, shrubs, or even trees, they make a pleasant daytime hangout for mosquitoes. If you have a mosquito problem even after you trim your yard, this is where you are most likely to find mosquitoes hiding during the day.

Mosquitoes also live in structures such as sheds and barns, where they can avoid sun and breezes. Sometimes they stay outside tucked away in dank drain pipes, under eaves, and anywhere else they find some moisture and shade.

So what can you do about it? How do you control mosquitoes? Here’s how!

Mosquito Control Misting

A mosquito control mist application will keep your mosquitoes at bay for up to 21 days. We spray the bottom surface of leaves to kill any mosquitoes living in the foliage. This keeps your yard or garden mosquito-free until the next treatment is due.

For even greater convenience, we offer installed automated misting systems. An automated system will apply a barrier mist for you each day. If we find that your mosquito population is initially high when we visit, we will likely spray them and their environment to eradicate them. After that, we’ll return only occasionally to refill your misting system.

Before we install an automated system, we visit your home and check out some of the obvious solutions. This may involve an initial blast to remove the bulk of any infestation, and then a mosquito misting system to maintain a bug-free environment.

It is crucial that any mosquito control system—misting or an automated system—begins by cleaning the main areas to your garden or yard. Then we can set up a perimeter that mosquitoes cannot penetrate. If they do, they won’t last long, because there is nowhere for them to rest.

If you know where mosquitoes hide in your yard and garden, or even if you don’t, get a quote here for removing them.

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