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Mosquito Control For Pools

Pool mosquito control is not particularly difficult if you know what mosquito repellents to use and how to keep mosquitoes away from the pool. Nobody wants to wear a full-body wet suit at a pool party in summer. So how do you keep mosquitoes away from you and your friends while you are lounging poolside or even enjoying a swim and a splash? It may not be as easy as you think, and a lot of the planning starts before summer – so you may be too late for this year but nor for next!

Pool Mosquito Control Basics

First the pool. Mosquitoes love pools that have been left untreated over winter. You might find it hard to get your finger under the cover but mosquitoes don’t. Even worse, you might have no cover. Mosquitoes breed in standing water whether that is a few fluid ounces in a depression by your wall or an Olympic size swimming pool. They will breed there, you better believe it!

So, first steps first.  Get a mosquito control company to properly treat your pool. They won’t just treat the pool, but also areas around the pool where mosquitoes will breed. Do you know that mosquitoes can even breed in the spaces between ceramic tiles poolside? Or in small puddles of water around the pool – or even in small pools of water around your water slide, diving board or any walls you have in the area?

Where Mosquitoes Hide and Breed

Possibly not, but here at Mr. Mister we know everywhere that mosquitoes are likely to be found breeding any time of the year. You may think you are clean free of mosquitoes this fall, so it will be the same come spring.  No – definitely not.  Just as it takes an expert to properly treat your pool and the rest of your yard, it also takes an expert to identify all of those places where mosquitoes can lay their eggs to hatch for next year’s batch.

Swarm of mosquitoes thriving in standing water

A swarm of mosquitoes thriving in standing water

Some adult mosquitoes can stay alive all winter – and even attack you during the winter! If you avoid that, you are sure to be attacked come spring.  Are you sure you know everywhere mosquitoes can be hiding and breeding? Yes? How about inside your home? The cellar is a favorite place, or bathrooms – or underneath kitchen units, particularly those that can get damp such under the sink unit.

Mr. Mister for Atlanta Mosquito Control – The Professional Way!

Here at Mr. Mister we know of all these things. That’s why so many residents of Atlanta come to us to have their mosquito control issues sorted out. We can treat your entire yard, garden, pool area and even your home to make sure that no mosquitoes will breed over winter – or even remain alive. That’s what we do and is just one reason why we get so many great testimonials.

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