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Mosquito Control Tips: Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Particular Human Scents?

You have surely heard it time and time again; there’s just something about you, in particular, that mosquitoes adore. But, how true is this statement?

Unfortunately, it all boils down to one trait you carry; your smell. No matter the perspective, mosquitoes all boast acute receptors, which can detect scents that are up to 100 feet away.

These are the primary indicators that female mosquitoes —  which are the mosquitoes that bite — utilize to choose their prey.

With that said, all mosquito species are different. While some will bite anyone or anything warm-blooded (including cows, cats, dogs, birds or humans) other species prefer to feast solely on humans.

These species include the Aedes aegypti (the main carrier of Zika virus), and the Anopheles gambiae, which typically go for the feet and ankles over other exposed areas of the human body.

Generally, there are a few different kinds of scents that a mosquito is guaranteed to be particularly attracted to. Unfortunately, the more of these scents you consciously or unknowingly produce, the more likely you are to be an attractant to mosquitoes.

Carbon Dioxide

As you may not be aware, whenever you exhale, you releasing a plume (which is a visual pattern of carbon dioxide) that mosquitoes can sniff out and follow.

Mosquitoes utilize sensors around their mouths to be able to detect carbon dioxide, and the plume you emit allows them to focus on you.

Thus, the more carbon dioxide you produce, the easier you are to identify in the eyes of a mosquito. It’s important to note, heavier people and pregnant women produce more carbon dioxide than others, so they are naturally more at risk of bites than children.

Equally, if you just got done running and are a bit short of breath, you may be surprised at all the mosquitoes that are trying to keep up with you.

Blood Type

Blood type is another factor for attracting mosquitoes you, unfortunately, don’t have much control over.

For humans, there are four main blood types, which all give off different scents. Studies have found that mosquitoes are particularly partial to Type O blood, while they aren’t so infatuated with Type A.

So to all of those with Type O blood, be sure you lather up with some form of repellent and wear light-colored, long-sleeved clothes, unless you want to be surrounded by multiple mosquitoes.


Fragrances, such as perfume, cologne and scented lotions are a known attractant of mosquitoes, specifically floral scents.

When you’re addressing the issue of body odor, be sure to avoid washing with fragranced body wash, and avoid taking any shortcuts by masking your personal scent with colognes or perfumes.

If you want to get serious about avoiding bites from mosquitoes, consider switching to unscented body washes.

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