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Mosquito Control Tips To Prepare You For Summer Activites

How good is Summer? Especially when you have your own backyard and some crazy friends and family… what’s the point of even going out? Ensure a buzz-free season with effective Mosquito Control Tips to make the most of your outdoor activities!

Your backyard doesn’t have cover charges, closing hours, or long queues, so why not keep the party going til whatever o’clock?

Ahhh… that’s right. Mosquitoes. Those uninvited guests have a knack for turning up and spoiling a perfect day or night. But alas, there are ways to keep them away from your backyard party.

Get Rid Of Any Standing Water

Mosquito Control 101: mosquitoes breed in standing water. They also like to keep close to their breeding areas, so if you’ve got any potential breeding zones around your property, eliminate them in advance.

Think gutters, dog bowls, empty containers, air-conditioner drip pans, uncovered rain barrels, unused boats or canoes, tarps, bird baths… we could keep going. All they need is about an inch of water to get busy, so wherever there’s stagnant water, just keep getting rid of it.

Declutter Your Backyard

Mosquitoes like to hide in particular places before they swoop in and go for the bite. Tires are a hot spot since they not only carry water, but also provide insulation.

Mosquito Control Tips

Rid your yard of any tires, and while you’re at it, clean up piles of fallen leaves, grass or wood. And again – dispose of any kinds of containers that could potentially fill with water (especially if it could rain).

Keep Lawn & Shrubbery Trimmed

Back to my point on hiding places; the number one place that backyard mosquitoes will hide in is vegetation. They also feed on plant nectar (when the females aren’t sucking your blood, of course), so they tend to kill a lot of time in tall grasses or bushy areas.

Well before your guests arrive, mow your grass and trim hedges, shrubs or trees to reduce mosquito populations in your backyard.

Don’t Wear Dark Colors

Consider the size of mosquitoes. With their tiny little eyes, it makes sense that certain colours stand out to them more. Research shows that mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours, so it might be a good idea to opt for a more pastel tone yourself.

If you’re keen on theme parties (who isn’t?) you could go all out and ask your guests to wear a particular colour… with the secret intention of saving them from bites!

Yellow, baby pink, or – if you dare – why not all-white? But whatever you do, don’t choose blue. It’s one of their favourite colours, which explains why those dodgy mosquito zappers usually have a blue light.

Professional Mosquito Control From Mr. Mister

We could’ve said this first, but we didn’t want to be biased!

For a foolproof way to a mosquito-free home, talk to a professional mosquito control company like Mr. Mister. Our licensed technicians can spray your place in advance to make sure no uninvited guests turn up at party time.

A full season of mosquito protection is the best way to ensure these pests don’t gatecrash your party. Our technicians visit your yard consistently to keep them away and we also offer automatic mosquito control systems.

With Mr. Mister on your side, you won’t need to worry about any other strategies to keep mosquitoes from biting your family and friends.


In the realm of backyard festivities, where the warmth of Summer collides with the laughter of friends and family, creating memories becomes a daily affair. Why venture elsewhere when your backyard is a haven without cover charges, closing hours, or lengthy queues? Yet, amidst the joy, there’s one unwelcome party crasher – mosquitoes. Fear not, for there are effective ways to keep these uninvited guests away from your haven of celebration.


Why do mosquitoes thrive in standing water, and how can I eliminate potential breeding zones?

Mosquitoes breed in standing water, requiring just about an inch to reproduce. To thwart their breeding, inspect and eliminate stagnant water sources such as gutters, dog bowls, containers, air-conditioner drip pans, rain barrels, boats, tarps, and bird baths.

What steps can I take to declutter my backyard and reduce mosquito hiding spots?

Mosquitoes hide in tires, piles of leaves, grass, or wood, and places that may collect water. Rid your yard of tires, clean up debris, and dispose of containers that could accumulate water. A clutter-free backyard minimizes potential mosquito resting places.

Why is it essential to keep lawn and shrubbery trimmed to control mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes often hide in vegetation, and trimming grass, hedges, shrubs, and trees reduces their hiding spots. By maintaining a well-groomed yard, you can diminish mosquito populations before hosting guests.

How do clothing choices impact mosquito attraction?

Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. Opting for lighter, pastel tones, or even theme party colors like yellow or baby pink, can reduce your attractiveness to mosquitoes. Avoid dark colors like blue, as they are drawn to them.

Why consider professional mosquito control services like Mr. Mister for a mosquito-free home?

Professional mosquito control companies, like Mr. Mister, offer foolproof solutions. Their licensed technicians can proactively spray your property to ensure mosquitoes stay away. Seasonal protection and automatic control systems provide a worry-free way to safeguard your family and friends from mosquito bites during your gatherings.

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