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Who Do Mosquitoes Bite Most?

Some people seem to be mosquito magnets: they are the people that mosquitoes bite most. So what makes somebody a mosquito magnet: what is it about certain people that mosquitoes seem to zero in on them in a crowd? Why do they get bitten, and perhaps end up with a serious disease while others are enjoying themselves.

There is often somebody in a crowd of people that gets bitten first while everybody around them seem to be immune – at least for a while. You can be scratching a maddeningly itchy red swelling while all those around you are enjoying their burgers and barbecued chicken. Why is this? Why are you the target, the mosquito magnet while everybody else is having a great time?

Are There Mosquito Magnets?

First, an important question! Are there genuinely mosquito magnets: people that mosquitoes seem to prefer to home in on? A great deal of research has been carried out on this subject, and the result of such studies indicate that yes, there are people who are mosquito magnets that send out some sort of chemical signal that attracts mosquitoes like cattle attract flies.

Around 10% of people are more attractive to mosquitoes than the other 90%. Some believe this to be connected with the quality of blood the female mosquitoes need to create healthy eggs and new mosquitoes. That’s why it is only females that bite – they need the blood to provide the protein needed to create their eggs. Males feed on nectar and never suck blood. Others believe it is more likely to do with mosquito attractants that enable these insects to home in on their prey.

Who Mosquitoes Bite Most

Your genetic make-up has a lot to do with who mosquitoes bite most. In fact, scientists have discovered that 85% of your susceptibility to being bitten by mosquitoes is related to genetics. Your body’s chemistry has a great deal to do with this, and there are certain chemicals on your skin’s surface that attract mosquitoes like bees to nectar. Much of this is genetic. Research has shown around 85% of a person’s susceptibility to being bitten is due to genetics.

Mosquitoes are largely attracted by carbon dioxide and sweat, the make-up of which is different for each person. The presence of uric acid, cholesterol and other steroids on the surface of your skin can turn you into a mosquito magnet. So can the lactic acid that is emitted by your sweat glands when exercising. These insects can detect such attractants from as far as 50 meters (55 yards) and there can be a heck of a lot of mosquitoes within that distance.

Size Matters!

The larger you are, the more carbon dioxide you emit. Large adults and pregnant women are much more likely to be bitten than small children. Another factor is movement: mosquitoes can detect movement, and people who are running around sweat more and exhale more CO2 than those standing still or sunbathing.

If there is crowd of you outdoors in your yard it is the bulkier and more active that will be most likely to act as mosquito magnets. However, children also do a lot of running around, a fact that can negate their size advantage to an extent. When mosquitoes are buzzing you are best to be sitting reading a book, with as little skin exposed as possible.

Dangers of Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites can be dangerous, so it is wise to minimize the chances of you being attacked. They cause more potential problems than just itchiness! West Nile Virus is a killer in the U.S. and everybody should be aware of the Zika Virus by now. There are many more diseases borne by mosquitoes in the Atlanta Ga. area. Among these are the Chicugunya and Dengue viruses, both of which cause severe joint pain that can last for years.

Atlanta has been the worst city in the USA for mosquitoes for the three years running up to 2015 – and likely now for 2016. Or perhaps should we say the best for mosquitoes but not so good for humans and their pets! It is very important that residents of Metro Atlanta and Georgia in general do all they can to protect themselves from being bitten. Particular care should be taken by those who appear to be human mosquito magnets and seem to get bitten when most others are not.

Controlling Mosquitoes

While a personal mosquito repellent spray can be effective, the best way of preventing mosquito attacks is to eradicate the mosquitoes! Mr. Mister’s ClearZoneTM mosquito spray and our automatic mosquito misting system can together provide you with an extremely effective mosquito barrier. Some people are affected by the chemicals used in personal body sprays, and controlling mosquitoes rather than deterring them is the best solution for mosquito magnets.

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