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Insect Repelling Wristbands Are A Fraud!

It’s summertime, and here in the south, that means lots of us will be reaching for the bug spray. The problem with bug spray is that it often leaves you feeling oily and smelly, and it may even damage some fabrics. So what a relief it is to see a new product for sale, non-smelly mosquito-repelling wristbands! You just clip one onto your wrist, and it keeps you mosquito-free for days. There’s only one problem. These products don’t work at all. Not even a little.

Mosquito Repelling Wristbands Are A Fraud [infographic]


The Claim

It’s no secret that topically-applied mosquito repellents are just icky. They smell bad, they feel bad, and they make even damage your clothes. No one likes them. But if you’re trying to escape the proboscises of bloodthirsty mosquitoes, you may just give in and lather on the nasty stuff. It’s a small price to pay to avoid days and sleepless nights of awful itching. Add to that the fact that mosquitoes can spread some nasty diseases and you start to see why topical bug repellent is a necessary evil.

Every summer for the last several years, we’ve seen the same great new product pop up. It promises to free you of mosquitoes and those unpleasant repellents! Instead of piling on the bug spray, you can slap on a wristband or clip a small device to your belt loop. The device will keep you bug-free for anywhere from a few hours to several days.

The wristbands, clip ones, etc. work because they are coated with mosquito repellent. Some use essential oils, like mint, and some use traditional repellents like DEET. The products promise that the small amount of repellent on the device will create a sort of force field around you that will keep mosquitoes away.

The Truth

The truth is that mosquito repelling wristbands don’t work, and here’s why. DEET works when it is applied all over. It works where you put it, but it doesn’t spread its effect very far. So when you put a small amount of DEET or another repellent on a wristband or clip-on, it will keep bugs away, but only form the exact spot where the repellent is. If you’re hoping that the device will keep your whole self clear of mosquitoes, you will be sadly disappointed.

The Trick

How do manufacturers continue to sell mosquito repelling wristbands when they don’t work at all? The answer is that they play a bit of a trick. They place their products by checkout stands, where they become impulse purchases. But they don’t call them repellents. If you look closely at the packaging, you will notice that there is no actual claim that they will work as expected.

Back in 2015, one manufacturer tried to market its product as a true repellent. According to an FTC complaint, Viatek Consumer Products Group, Inc. advertised their product as follows: “[s]imply place on wrist, ankle, belt, stroller or walker” and they claimed that the product “[k]eeps bugs and flying insects away.” The FTC determined that these claims had absolutely no scientific basis, and placed an injunction on Viatek. Ultimately, Viatek settled and agreed not to make any more claims about this product or any other product that are not backed up by scientific evidence. So not only do these products no work, they are a complete fraud.

How to Create a Real Mosquito Force Field

Wristbands and clip-ons don’t work the way they are advertised. There is no magical force field from a spot of repellent somewhere on your body. If that worked, you could just put a bit of actual topical bug repellent somewhere on your body, and you would be protected. Of course, anyone who has used mosquito repellent knows that it doesn’t work that way.

But you do have one excellent option. Mr. Mister Mosquito Control offers its ClearView™ misting service to rid your yard of mosquitoes. And it really is like creating a force field around your home. Our service is so effective that you won’t see a single mosquito as long as we are treating your yard. To find out more, fill out our form and get your quote today!

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