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Solutions Safe For Your Plants, Kids And Pets

This summer was one of the worst on record for mosquitoes in Atlanta. With dangerous diseases like Zika, a threat to you and your family, preparing for next year — which is likely to be just as mosquito-ridden as the last — should already be on your to-do list.

Luckily, you have plenty of options for mosquito control in Atlanta to choose from. However, not all of these options are safe for your family and pets. At the end of the day, controlling mosquitoes is done to avoid illnesses, so why take the long-term health risks carried by some mosquito repellents? How do you ensure whatever method you choose for mosquito control is also safe to use for your family?

Understand the Health Risks That Come With Store-Bought Mosquito Repellents

Although a cheap alternative, mosquito repellents you’ll typically find at your local box-store come with a myriad of their own health risks. These risks can be worsened for children and your pets alike.

Why are these repellents so dangerous? Well, most popular mosquito brands use a range of toxic chemicals and pesticides to effectively kill mosquitoes. The worst of which has to be what’s called DEET. What is DEET?

What Makes Deet So Harmful

DEET is so dangerous that the EPA (Environment Protection Agency) has publicly stated to wash any repellent containing the substance off your skin immediately after being outdoors. They also advise people to avoid breathing in the substance or getting it in your eyes. This is because DEET has a knack for absorbing into the skin, which can cause long-term health issues.

Think about it: if DEET can be so powerful to kill mosquitoes within seconds of spraying it on your skin, then it is likely for it to cause harm to other lifeforms as well.

Beyond the potential health risks store-bought mosquito repellents carry, they also lack consistent effectiveness. Most repellent brands will only actively control mosquitoes for a few hours before you’re forced to spray another layer on your skin — which in turn, increases the risk to your health.

Finding Safe Alternatives For Atlanta Mosquito Control

While searching for mosquito control in Atlanta, it’s important to note effectiveness as well as safety. It’s also smart to consult with a mosquito and/or pest control expert, as they will have the knowledge and tools best suited to effectively repel these pests.

Mr. Mister provides Atlanta residents with the highest quality mosquito control. Their exceptional customer service, affordability and innovative methods are what sets them far apart from their competition.

With two effective mosquito control techniques — one being an automatic misting system that treats your yard daily, the other a mosquito control service called ClearZone — Mr. Mister not only effectively repels mosquitoes from entering your yard, they do so with EPA-approved misting sprays that are biodegradable (meaning they DO NOT leave residue) thus, safer for the environment and your family.

We hope you’re enjoying our blog! See what some of their satisfied customers are saying by clicking here and find out what a mosquito-free yard can mean for the safety of you and your family.

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