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Mosquitoes in Winter: Where do Mosquitoes Hide in Winter

Generally, mosquitoes in winter are not a problem. However, where do mosquitoes hide in winter? Why is that that as soon as the first bright sun of spring appears your yard is covered in mosquitoes? Where do they come from? We can help to answer these questions – but these are not the questions you should be asking! You should be concerned about how to control mosquitoes, not where they come from! Here are some answers, after a brief explanation of where mosquitoes hide in winter.

Where do Mosquitoes Hide in Winter

Where do you think?  Mosquitoes in winter hide in the same places where mosquitoes hide in spring, summer and fall! They hide in small spaces in masonry or brickwork, under your eaves where it may be dark and moist, in stagnant pools and ponds and even in holes in the earth, particularly deep under long grass and other vegetation that protects them from the cold.

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Not only do some females survive the winter underground, but many larvae also do so. Some females lay single or small numbers of eggs in wet areas around your home. Around your drains, wet areas between your walls and the earth and in the usual places: ponds, bird baths and anywhere else where water freezes over winter and thaws in the spring. Come spring they hatch.

In fact, it is not just adult female mosquitoes in winter that you must worry about, but their larvae. Yep – mosquito larvae can overwinter in your yard and then burst out in spring to turn into biting adults – after your blood for the protein that makes their eggs! That’s the only reason for females to bite: they need your protein! So baby mosquitoes are manufactured from human protein- how’s that for a good horror film!! Yet it’s true.

Mosquitoes in Winter: Your Mosquito Control Options

Mosquito control is available all year round on request, though Mr.Mister does not specifically offer a mosquito control service for controlling mosquitoes in winter.  However, if you require advice on winter mosquito control, we can provide it. We also overwinter your Atlanta mosquito control misting systems. They are not needed in winter, but must be ready and working come spring.

The best advice you can take on making sure that your infestations in spring will be minimal is to clean out your yard. Get a pad and a pen then carry out a survey of the entire area of your yard, garden and even around the perimeter of your home. Take a note of any pools of standing water: ponds, buckets, cans or even hard-packed ground with standing pools of water.

Also check the sides of your buildings: your home, shed, garage and even the sides of a fountain or swimming pool. Believe it or not, mosquitoes have bred in barbecues that have not been used between late summer and late spring. Note all of these areas where water can stand for a while, then treat each with an insecticide.

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