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Natural Atlanta Mosquito Control – Leave it to the Birds?

It might seem that natural Atlanta mosquito control system would be simply to leave it the birds, the bats and any other natural predators. Many people even believe that zappers or ultrasonic systems will control mosquitoes. Let’s have a look at each of these and discuss their potential for taking over from a professional Atlanta mosquito control company such as Mr. Mister.

Natural Atlanta Mosquito Control: Birds and Bats

Yep, birds and bats will eat mosquitoes, just as they will eat most other insects. It certainly helps to control mosquitoes in your yard if you attract birds and also have a thriving bat population nearby. Fish also eat insects, and if you have a well stocked fish pond, the fish will tend to eat up as many mosquito larvae as they can find. But will they get them all?

This is possible in small ponds, but you cannot extend what fish can do in a pond with what birds and bats can do in the totally unenclosed environment of the air. Martins, for example, can eat up mosquitoes, but they do not discriminate between the insects they eat. They also eat natural mosquito predators such as dragonflies.

Atlanta mosquito control: hammock imageOne factor to consider is that air-feeding birds such as martins and swifts are usually active in daylight hours only. That means they will have no effect on mosquitoes that are active in dusk and later into the night. Not only that, but you usually see these birds feeding at treetop level, not at the lower levels where mosquitoes are more likely to be active.

Bats also eat mosquitoes – but they prefer moths which offer far more nutrition than a mosquito. They will not focus on mosquitoes by choice, only if there is nothing else on the menu. Bats also spread almost as many diseases as mosquitoes, so should not be relied upon as an natural Atlanta mosquito control option.

Using Ultrasonics and other means of Mosquito Control

In spite of popular belief, ultrasonic devices have no effect on mosquito populations. This belief is likely gained from the claims made by manufacturers and retailers of ultrasonic devices. Many studies have been made using such devices, and not one has shown that they are an effective mosquito control system.

The same is true of zappers, which fry mosquitoes that are attracted to them. Yes, it is true that they will kill mosquitoes, but they also kill natural predators of mosquitoes and other beneficial insects. Quite frankly, they have little effect on mosquito populations due the relatively very small number that they electrocute. Mosquito traps are the same. They can trap and kill lots of mosquitoes, but will make very little difference to the overall population in your yard

The Answer to Effective Atlanta Mosquito Control

So what’s the alternative to natural mosquito control in Atlanta? Most people would rather not use a chemical remedy to deal with this problem, but that is the only way to control mosquitoes effectively. Natural mosquito control can help, but you will not see much of a difference if you rely on that alone. Sprays and mosquito misting systems are the only true and permanent form of mosquito barrier available to you.

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