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Better Preparing Your Yard for Mosquito Control in the Winter

Mosquito control in the winter may very well sound like a crazy concept. This is likely due to the fact that most Atlanta residents consider mosquitoes inactive during the cooler winter months. While it’s a popular belief that these pests aren’t a threat to you or your family’s health until spring rolls around, this is actually untrue.

Winter Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes can be active whenever the temperature is above freezing – and for Atlanta, this is a consistent occurrence, even during the winter season. This means your home can still be plagued by mosquitoes, and the deadly illnesses they carry, no matter the time of year. Couple this with the fact that mosquitoes can even breed indoors, and you’ll quickly realize that mosquito control is exceptionally necessary throughout the year.

Here’s how you can stay safe from these pests this season and beyond:

Start With Proper Mosquito Control in Atlanta

Ensuring your outdoor spaces are mosquito-free is the perfect way to thwart these pests and keep you and your family on track for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Start by finding effective methods for mosquito control. This means ditching the dangerous chemicals found in store-bought mosquito repellents (which are ineffective in the long run) and replacing them with more consistent techniques to ward off mosquitoes.

Many homeowners are quick to ourchase heavy duty chemicals without knowing the risks or how to use them. If you have children or pets, you should absolutely avoid these products. And even if you only have adults living on your property, there is still a great risk of injury or illness when using harsh chemicals. Instead, trust the pros who use safer and more effective products.

Preparing your yard for winter mosquito control includes trying to reduce the areas where water will puddle up.

Inspect and Repair

Perhaps the best way to prepare your yard for mosquito control in the winter -and yearround- is to inspect your property and make necessary repairs. The winter can be helpful, because extra rain might show you spots in your tard where puddles form. Take this opportunity to see if you can make minor changes to avoid puddles and improve drainage. If the issue is really ad, you might need to consider regrading your yard to ensure water drains. Anywhere you have puddles, you will end up with mosquitos breeding.

Identify Standing Water On Property 

The first step to getting rid of mosquito eggs on your property is to identify where standing water is located. Standing water – or any type of pooling water – serves as a perfect incubator for mosquito larvae and eggs. It looks like any type of puddle or pool that fails to evaporate after 48 hours. Common sources include buckets, wheelbarrows, unused flower pots, birdbaths, rain gutters, and other bodies of collected water on your property. You should also look out for areas with poor drainage; these places are great breeding grounds for mosquitoes in winter time.

How To Remove Standing Water 

Once you’ve identified the sources of standing water on your property, it’s time to start removing them! The easiest way to get rid of standing water is by upending buckets, wheelbarrows, and unused flower pots so that no water can accumulate inside them. If there are larger bodies of standing water such as puddles or lakes near your home or business premises then draining the pool may be necessary. During this process it’s also important to rake up leaves during fall and winter seasons since these can trap moisture around your foundation walls and provide a perfect place for mosquitos to lay eggs in wintertime.

Think Mosquitoes in the Winter are a Myth?

If you’re a bit skeptical about whether mosquitoes are actually an issue during the cooler winter months — even after reading this article — then mosquito control is still necessary.

After all, why not prepare your yard now before mosquitoes become a much larger problem during the spring? By installing an automatic misting system, you’ll be ensuring your yard is 100% prepared to fight off dangerous mosquitoes now and in the future.

Getting rid of mosquito eggs during wintertime is an essential part of control measures against diseases caused by mosquitos such as West Nile virus or Zika virus. By taking some simple steps now such as identifying standing water on our properties and removing it completely we can help protect ourselves from potential outbreaks this upcoming spring and summer season. Taking action now will not only benefit us but also our community at large in preventing disease transmission through mosquitos!

Best Mosquito Control in Atlanta

As temperatures drop, many people assume that the mosquito season is over. However, winter is actually the most important time for mosquito egg removal because if left unchecked, large populations of mosquitoes can emerge in spring and summer months. To prevent a potential outbreak, it’s essential to take steps now to identify and remove standing water on your property.

Mr. Mister has received numerous praise from their customers for providing Atlanta residents with innovative methods for effectively controlling mosquitoes.

These methods include a mosquito control service called ClearZone — which sends a mosquito control professional to your house on a consistent basis — as well as their innovative automatic misting systems, which treat your yard on a daily basis.

Both methods utilize Mr. Mister’s 100% biodegradable misting sprays, which stick to the undersides of foliage and outdoor furniture, creating a barrier around your yard and protecting you from mosquitoes as well as discouraging their offspring (or larvae) from becoming an issue in the future.

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